We really had high hopes from Android One program and saw it as the only viable means of delivering speedy low cost and functional updates to low cost Android phones, but being enthusiastic about the project today seems nothing more than wishful thinking.

Manufacturers were never enthusiastic about strict Google norms and homogeneity created among different Android One devices, and thus, only Lava was on-board for the second gen Android One device, which failed to gain any traction.


In fact, Lava soon launched another similar phone, Lava Pixel V2, with similar (not same) hardware which could be a desperate attempt to break free.

Apparently, Google isn’t giving up just yet and is willing to give more freedom to Android vendors regarding what components they use and where they buy them from, reports WSJ. Also, Google will soon release another low cost Android One phone in partnership with Lava appertaining to the new approach.

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So is this good news?

Well, this might not provide much incentive for partners to come onboard as by now disinterest looms large. Secondly, with Google relaxing norms, Android One might or might not be as meaningful at consumer end even if the project takes off. With many permutations and combinations of hardware, Google might find it difficult to provide quality bug-free updates for all. But only time will ascertain these anticipations.


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