First Generation Android One smartphones have started receiving Android 6.0 Marshmallow update, right after Nexus series. This is the way it was meant to be, but unfortunately Google somehow failed to deliver on sky-high expectations last year.

What the hell is Android One?

We don’t blame you. The project didn’t gain much traction in the first place. Android One project was meant to deliver speedy AND functional updates to low cost entry smartphones, which rarely get a version upgrade that mends more than it breaks.


Google advised Indian OEMs on what hardware to include and took charge of Software updates itself, resulting in three Android one phones – Micromax Canvas A1, Spice Dream Uno and Karbonn Sparkle V.

More than 9 other OEMs soon signed up, but alas, no one managed to  sell as many Android One devices as expected. This was credited to limited online availability and less than glittery spec-sheet, which apparently matter more to budget Android buyers. Google delaying Android Lollipop update by several months made the matter worse.

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Too little too late…

Timely Marshmallow update might re-ignite the dying ambers of Android One fire, but by now the disinterest looms large. This is evident from the lukewarm response to Lava Pixel V1, the only second gen Android One phone.

That will put more faith in Marshmallow

android marshmallow

Frankly we didn’t expect Marshmallow update on the first gen Android One devices, since there is only 4GB internal storage on board with very little to spare at user end. If Marshmallow manages to run efficiently, it would definitely mean Google has fixed a lot behind the scenes as compared to KitKat. FoneArena reports that the Marshmallow update is 338.1MB in size and will gradually roll-out in phases. Users will soon be able to leave Android 5.1 Lollipop behind.

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