Android has been juicing up most of the smartphones all around the globe and that comes all easy with the Google Play Store, which provides seamless access to apps and widgets on the go.

This year we have a Play Store update coming out, as promised by Google. It has been given a new type of floating search bar which looks alike that of Google Chrome internet browser, except that thee back symbol, which provides the option to return to the previous page, is in Hamburger style.

google play store update

This update is not such an essential major but it gives you the very new search bar for an exclusively fresh search experience. As always, this update is expected to consume more storage space on your device than the previous version. So you can even bail out on this update, as I mentioned earlier, this update gets you no technical improvisation.

google play store v5.0

This update is all set to roll out to the Android users and be accessible to download on their smartphones and tablets. You must be getting this update shortly. Alternatively, you can just update it by downloading the .apk file from internet.


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