Google Maps New Update Adds ‘For You’ Tab for Personalized Suggestions

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Google Maps ‘For You’ feature is gradually making its way to end users. The search-engine giant has started rolling out the update that will add ‘For You’ tab on its web mapping platform. With this feature, users can add places to the section that they wish to follow and receive suggestions for the trending, newly opened, and popular areas to visit.

Google Maps ‘For You’ tab highlights: 

  • You can save your favourite places and “want to go” list.
  • Get feeds of your surrounding including newly opened places, news about places that you saved, and news about popular places.
  • It will soon be available for all.

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Google Maps ‘For You’ Tab Features

The new development was first reported by a Reddit user who got to taste the ‘For You’ tab on the Google Maps app, but immediately pointed out that it is “unfinished”. The user wrote, “Basically, after following neighborhoods, you get links to curated lists from publications, which takes you to an AMP page and a link at the bottom saying ‘view places on the map’.” He added, “Obviously, the killer feature is taking an article, and then porting those locations onto Google Maps so that you can easily get directions (this is seemingly what the “view places on the map, would do), but it crashes every time I click on it.”

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The new For You tab is said to have a “modern look,” in line with Google Maps’ Material Theme Redesign, points another report. It further said that the ‘For You’ list would be added automatically based on their search results, and it will showcase a list of “notable spots this week.”

The ‘For You’ tab for Maps is among the many new features Google introduced at this year’s I/O Annual Developer Conference in May. We are finally seeing them trickle down the order. Recently Google’s Photos App received an update, which enhances your images using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

No More Cab Bookings From Google Maps

You will soon get a new tab on Google Maps, but at the same time, lose another. Google is reportedly planning to shave off the cab section from its Maps that lets you directly book Uber/ Ola. The feature has allowed users to book Uber rides through Google Maps from the direction page without leaving the Maps app.

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