Face unlock was first added to Android with Android 4.0 ICS in 2011, but the feature never caught up. In fact, the feature has been a part of stock Android phones since Android Lollipop but its inclusion in phones like iPhone X and OnePlus 5T is what has pulled it in the limelight.

With full view displays becoming increasingly common, manufacturers are forced to shift the good old and convenient fingerprint sensor to the rear, and since we are so used to unlocking our phones without patterns by now, the alternates need to be there.

The good thing is, that if your Android Phone doesn’t have the fingerprint scanner at your preferred location, you can also use Facial recognition as an alternate unlock method.

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How to get Face Unlock on Any Android Phone:

Step 1: Go to Settings>> Security and select ‘Smart Lock’.

Step 2: Now verify with your PIN/ Pattern and select ‘Trusted Face’ option.


Step 3: Follow the instructions and let the phone scan your face.

Step 4: You can further improve face recognition by scanning your face under different lighting and conditions.

That’s it you are all set.

Now next time you wake up your phone (either by pressing power key or by double tapping the display) you will see a small lock icon unlock at the bottom. You can now swipe up to discard the lock screen. So, it’s a two-step unlock process just as in iPhone X.

Get Face Unlock on any Android Phone

Using these steps, you can get Face Unlock on any Android Phone running Android Lollipop or higher. This, however, won’t be as secure as iPhone’s Face ID, but it’ll still be convenient.  OEMs like Vivo, Samsung, and LG have already added Face Unlock as a separate feature in settings and more will likely follow suit.

You can also use other trusted unlock options from Smart Unlock, but again, they aren’t totally secure.

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