OnePlus 5T is now official and kicking and anyone who hasn’t recently bought OnePlus 5 would agree that keeping the price same will perhaps be the most cherished thing about the 5. Though not much has changed on paper in the new 5T, there are still things that OnePlus is doing differently.

So, here are the 5 things that have changed from OnePlus 5 to 5T.

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18:9 Display

Of course, the most glaring difference between the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T is the new screen. In the near same body dimensions, OnePlus has managed to cram a bigger 6-inch display. This has been possible due to the use of an 18:9 panel and due to some aggressive bezel trimming, something that’s fairly commonplace by now.

OnePlus sources the AMOLED panel from Samsung, and based on our initial experience with the device, we could discern that the display quality has improved even when the display resolution remains same (Full HD+). And OnePlus has also fixed ‘Jelly scrolling’ issue that affected some OnePlus 5 units.

Better low light performance

OnePlus has also made some BIG changes to the camera. Both the 16MP and 20MP shooters now have the same f/1.7 aperture lens with same focal length. The telephoto lens has been eliminated. The camera will now use the feed from both sensors to enhance low light shots.

No 2X Optical Zoom

Since there is no Telephoto lens, OnePlus 5T doesn’t have 2X or rather 1.6X optical zoom as in OnePlus 5. The option is still there in the camera app but what it does is digital Zoom. OnePlus claims that with better software and more details to work with, the zoom performance won’t suffer.

We are inclined to believe that claim because, in low light, the 2X zoom relies only on the primary sensor (One without telephoto lens) either ways.

Face Unlock

OnePlus has added Face Unlock to make up for the loss of front fingerprint sensor. We don’t know how the Face Unlock will work in the long run, with a beard or on a bad hair day, but in our preliminary testing (in not-so-ideal lighting), it was clearly faster than what we have experience on other high-end Android phones from LG and Samsung.

You have to just press the power button or double-tap to wake your phone, and you will find it unlocked. It’s instantaneous.

OnePlus admits that this isn’t the most secure way of unlocking your phone, so access to sensitive apps like banking apps would further require PIN/Pattern or fingerprint unlock.

New Fingerprint sensor Placement

The fingerprint sensor is on the rear. In our opinion, this isn’t the ideal place for it, but yes there are people who find the rear-mounted fingerprint sensors to be more natural.

Anyways, the one on the OnePlus 5T is as fast as on the OnePlus 5. Which is to say VERY.

New Oxygen OS Features

Apart from the 5 changes that we have already mentioned above, the new features added to the Oxygen OS can count as the 6th. However, these features won’t be available on the 5T out of the box and, when they are, they will also be made available to OnePlus 5 users.

Apart from Face Unlock, Oxygen OS will get a DND or Do Not Disturb mode that you can trigger while gaming. And OnePlus has also added support for dual Apps and a Switch app that will make switching from other Android and iOS phones simpler.

Also, OnePlus claims that the Oxygen OS has been further optimized to run noticeably faster on the OnePlus 5T.

OnePlus 5T VS OnePlus 5: 5 Things That Have Changed

These are the five things that have changed with the OnePlus 5T. Overall, it seems like the OnePlus experience has taken a big leap forward, but it’s still too soon to say anything with conviction. We will be testing the phone further to know for sure.

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