Facebook now kind of runs in the everyday routine of life amongst almost every age group we can possibly see around. Regardless of the age and profession, Facebook is now serving as the strongest means of staying connected over the internet from anywhere around the world. Over the past few months we had heard of a decision by Facebook as per which mobile users will have to now download Facebook messenger app to utilize chat feature of Facebook. Here is another surprising announcement by Facebook which states that Facebook messenger app will now be available in desktop version as well.


The prime motive behind this Facebook messenger for desktop app launch is not to bid goodbye to the traditional chat box on facebook.com, but to provide users a hassle free chat experience on their desktops, with which they can stay exclusively active on chat only and won’t have anything else to worry about. The app will pose an interface exactly same as that of the Facebook messenger app for smartphones. Although there is no official announcement regarding the release date and the mobile platforms for which the app will initially be unveiled. Like any other messenger for desktop, user will just have to login into the messenger app and enjoy the experience.


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