Canon launched two new additions each to their Powershot and IXUS range of cameras. Aiming at bringing about innovation in the world of photography, the cameras G9 X Mark II and SX430 I S were added to the former while IXUS 190 and IXUS 185 were made a part of the latter.

Mr. Eddie Udagawa, Vice President of Consumer Imaging and Information Centre, Canon India said, “We have always been committed to bringing the most innovative products to our customers. This trend continues in 2017 with the introduction of new cameras in PowerShot and IXUS range with advanced features and excellent quality. Our research and development team are constantly bringing the best in class products to our consumers. The latest launches will surely storm the digital compact camera space empowering the photography enthusiast’s manifold”.

The newest members of the Powershot range, the G9 X Mark II and SX430 I S are aimed at catering to the needs of professionals and contain various features in order to facilitate the G9

The G9 X Mark II incorporates the latest DIGIC 7 processor and has a 1-inch CMOS Sensor, making it adept at capturing high-quality images even in low light. It also contains a 3x optical zoom lens with a focal length of 28-84mm (35mm equivalent) making it easier for the photographers to shoot.

The SX430 I S, on the other hand, features a 1/2.3 type CCD Sensor and runs on a DIGIC 4+ processor. The camera comes with a 45x IS wide zoom lens and thus enables the photographer to capture the minutest of subjects without hampering the picture quality.

Both of new cameras in the IXUS range come equipped with an Auto mode with a simple point and shoot procedure making it simpler for people who have less experience in photography. Both the IXUS 190 and the IXUS 185 are almost identical, differing in the fact that while the IXUS 190 has a 10x IS lens having a focal length of 24-1080mm, the IXUS 185 features an 8x lens having a focal length of 28-224mm.


All the four cameras are scheduled to hit the market in February 2017. The prices of the G9 X Mark II and SX430 I S are Rs. 30,995 and Rs. 14,995 respectively. The IXUS 190 and IXUS 185 will be available for Rs. 8,995 and Rs. 6,995 respectively.

While Canon has always been a top player as far as high-end cameras are concerned, it would be interesting to see how well they fare when they come out.

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