Best SOS apps for Women: One of these top 17 Women Safety apps you should have on your phone

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Women’s Safety is the most alarming topic not just in India as the crime against women has been rising day by day all around the world. Whether it is a village or a metro city, women don’t find themselves to be safe anywhere these days.

Statistics also illustrate the same since the crime rate against women is alarmingly high. Almost 38% of women’s murders are done by their partners globally. Across the world, a total of about 15 million girls are forced to get married before turning 18 years of age. As per some reports, 1 out of every 3rd woman is the victim of sexual, mental, and physical abuse.

In the age of technology, women can arm themselves with certain safety apps which will help them remain safe and send SOS alert to get help in case of emergencies.

Best SOS apps for Women: One of these top 17 Women Safety apps you should have on your phone


Worrying about your loved ones is very natural. Namola is a South African safety app that keeps your loved ones safe and connected and gets them and their family the best emergency assistance when they need it. Namola users can ensure that their loved ones are safe at all times by sharing locations and pressing the SOS button for themselves or on behalf of a loved one when they need help or it looks like someone is in trouble.

It allows you to get help from police, fire station, and ambulance as and when an emergency arises.


  • It lets you share your location with your loved one and alerts you if your loved ones have arrived at the location or started the journey.
  • It is free of cost.
  • It lets you avail of emergency medical services.
  • It has an in-built panic button.
  • It is available on IOS as well as Google Play Store.

Released on- 23 Feb, 2017 | Download size- 25.06 MB | Rating- 4.4/5 (Google Play Store) | Installs- 100,000+

Grannus- Women and Child Safety Medical Emergency

Grannus Organization is a social organization working to strengthen women’s safety, child safety, medical emergency, blood donation, and other safety and emergency-related social problems.

It helps keep women safe, provides NGO’s help to women, allows you to donate and find blood, keep children safe, save your medical records, and set medicine reminders so that you don’t forget to take them on time.


  • Helps connect blood donors to blood seekers.
  • Has a toll-free telephonic number for people who don’t have a smartphone.
  • Has a good number of able volunteers who help you find the child if he/she goes missing.
  • Gives you reminders if you forget to take your medicines.
  • Helps you save all your medical records in one place to face emergencies.
  • It is available on the Android store and is free of cost.

Released on- 21 March 2018 | Download size- 15.72 MB | Rating- 4.8/5 | Installs-50,000+ |

Kavalan SOS

It is an app brought out by the Tamil Nadu police as a part of its Master Control Room initiative. It will enable women to alert the police immediately during emergencies such as sexual assault, kidnap or eve-teasing, and natural disasters like earthquakes or floods.  It can be used by women who are trapped unexpectedly in an elevator or a toilet and are unable to connect to anyone.

An SOS button is visible on the homepage, which when pressed will start a 5 seconds countdown, post which the app will send the user’s current location, along with a panic signal along with a video recording from the back camera to the police control room. Police personnel in the area will be alerted, who will reach out to the victim. The service will be available 24×7.


  • It works in offline mode as well as alerts are sent via SMS.
  • It automatically records videos and shares them with the police.
  • The app is available on IOS as well as Android stores, free of cost.

Released on-10 May 2018 | Download size-5.56MB | Rating-4.7/5 (Android store) | Installs-1,000,000+


SHEROES is the largest social networking app and personal app for women where women like you share their interests through videos and posts, use the free women helpline, get free health advice, find and share recipes, make new friends, get free legal advice, get relationship advice, get free beauty and fashion tips, best work from home opportunities and learn about reselling.


  • It is free of cost available on IOS and Android stores.
  • Helps you get connected with doctors or experts in your field.
  • Let’s you share images and videos safely.
  • Provides you with rewards from your favorite brand after referring to your friend.
  • Helps you track your periods.

Released on-17 November 2015 | Download size-20.34MB | Rating-4.1/5 (android store) | Installs- 1,000,000+

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Disha SOS

Disha app is developed by the technical services division of the Andhra Pradesh police. It sends an alert to the Disha control room when a woman or a girl in distress just shakes the mobile phone which contains the Disha App. The app also provides another way of calling for help-they can also press a button on the phone, but in emergencies, if that is not possible, the victim can send an alert to the police by simply shaking the phone five times. The personnel at the control toom will alert the police available near the spot. Police will rush to the spot using GPS-equipped vehicles and assist the person in trouble.


  • It has in-built information about the police station and hospitals.
  • It has a location tracking feature.
  • It lets you know the safety places nearby your location at emergency times.
  • It has phone numbers that can be dialed for help and is free of cost, available on Android as well as IOS stores.

Released on- 30 September 2021 | Download size- 7.75MB | Rating-4.3/5 | Installs-1,000,000+

Women Safety App

This is the best app to inform and update your close ones if you are in an unsafe place. With just a tap, the app sends an email with pictures, location, and audio/video. The app captures 2 pictures, one each with front and back cameras along with an audio/video clip that is uploaded to the server. 3 colored buttons in the app with different configurations are present. If you want to update your status to your dear ones, tap on the Green button. If you want to stay cautious, press the Orange button and if you want to report being in danger, press the Red button. It is available on the Android store for free.


  • It takes photos too.
  • It records audio or video, whatever is possible.
  • The images and audio/video are sent through mail immediately.
  • You can operate it with a tap of a button.

Released on- 28 August 2015 | Download size – 6.56MB | Rating-4.2/5 | Installs-100,000+

Himmat Plus

The Himmat Plus app was launched at the Indira Gandhi International airport. This app will give the real-time location of a driver or a rider during an emergency. In response to it, a Police Control Room van will be assigned to assist the rider.


  • It sends the location of the user to the Delhi Police.
  • It also sends audio/video information in an emergency.
  • This app lets the Delhi police coordinate internally and a nearby police station takes the charge of the scene.
  • The app is simple and easy to use. It is available for free on Android and IOS stores.

Released on-30 January 2018 | Download size-11.40MB | Rating- 3.9/5 | Installs-100,000+ |

112 India

This app is launched by the Central Government of India and is an all-in-one application that can be used to raise an SOS alert with just a single tap in any emergency. The service is operational in 23 states and Union Territories and is available on both Android and IOS platforms. Users need to register to use this app and it is straightforward in operation. Its main aim is to provide single number-based assistance in emergencies to women in distress.


  • The alert of the emergency is notified with an audio/visual medium.
  • It is so efficient that you can use it 24×7.
  • It easily gets integrated with existing emergency response systems.
  • It also helps track the progress of the incident.

Released on-6 November 2018 | Download size-5.51MB | Rating-3.9/5 | Installs-500,000+


It is a mobile app developed by INFOCRATS Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. And published in October 2012 as freeware. It is developed with the concept of leverage the growing use of smartphones for the safety of citizens, especially women, and promote a crime-free environment by encouraging voluntary anonymous crime reporting. It is available on Android and IOS Stores.


  • It lets you know the traffic updates.
  • It allows you to know if your vehicle has been stolen.
  • It provides you with a live location for your loved ones.
  • It also calculates taxi fares.

Released on-1 November 2012 | Download size-9.81 MB |Rating-3.7/5 | Installs-500,000+

Emergency SOS Safety Alert-Personal Alarm App

This app has been developed to help you quickly and simultaneously advise key people that you need urgent help, this can include family, friends, or even medical staff- whomever you nominate. You can add as many people to your alert system as you like. Your contacts can come to your aid depending on their proximity or the situation, or they can contact emergency services on your behalf. It is available on the Android store.

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  • It can add many nominees who are at a different location.
  • It lets you edit the default content as per the emergency.
  • The messages are sent within 2 seconds.
  • It lets you track the number of messages you have sent.

Released on-16 October 2018 | Download size-4.11MB | Rating-3.5/5 | Installs-100,000+

Family Locator

Family Locator lets you stay linked to your family members during the day. It uses your phone’s native GPS tracker to ensure family safety, even when they are far away. GPS location sharing is only possible upon mutual consent of all family members. So you should share your phone’s location only with people you trust. Family groups can be created to stay connected. It is available on Android and IOS stores.


  • It lets you access the location history of your family members.
  • You can easily find your phone if it is lost or stolen.
  • It lets you check in to share your location with your family.
  • It helps you find your family member easily with Augmented reality.

Released on-7 January, 2013 | Download size-16.47MB | Rating-4.4/5 | Installs-10,000,000+

My Safetipin

My Safetipin is an online technology platform that uses data mapping tools to make public spaces safe for women. It aims to make cities safer by providing data collected through technology tools and apps to its users. The nine parameters used by the app to calculate safety are lighting, openness, visibility, people, security guards, walk path, public transport, gender usage, feeling, all about a certain area. It is available on IOS and Android stores.


  • Your loved ones will be notified if you are traveling on the wrong route.
  • It lets you find the safest route available.
  • It alerts your family members if you enter into the low safety score area.
  • It lets you view the nearby hospitals, markets, etc.

Released on-9 March 2016 | Download size-9.42MB | Rating-3.9/5 | Installs-50,000+


Shake2Safety is an SOS App that lets you send text messages to emergency contacts, share the picture with location, and record audio in emergencies. All this happens by just shaking the phone or pressing the power button 4 times. Alert your family members and friends in an emergency with this app available on the Android store.


  • It lets you record a video for 4 seconds before sending the alert.
  • It sends multiple messages to all your saved emergency contacts.
  • It works even in locked screen mode.
  • It works in offline mode as well.

Released on-5 January 2015 | Download size-1.68MB |Rating-3.3/5 |Installs-100,000+

bSafe app

bSafe app ensures the safety and security of women. It prevents crimes like violence, sexual assaults, and rape as well as creates evidence in cases where it has already occurred. Voice activation, live streaming, audio/video recording, fake call and follow me in combination with location and tracking help you stay safe at all times. It can be found on IOS and Android stores.


  • It lets you send an SOS signal with just a tap of the button.
  • It lets you stream emergency video and record it.
  • It sends your loved ones the live locations.
  • It enables you to make a fake call to get you out of an unpleasant situation.

Released on-20 May 2011 | Download size-34.08MB | Rating-3.4/5 | Installs-1000,000+

Red Panic Button

If you are in trouble at an unknown place, this app can help you out. With this app, you can send an automatic panic email to your loved ones to help you out. Just press the Red Panic Button and get help. The panic number has to be set up by you in advance as the app will send an SMS containing a google maps link with your location to this number. It is available on IOS as well as Android store and has some features which are paid.


  • It sends your loved ones panic texts, emails, and tweets.
  • It can be integrated with android wear devices.
  • The app is ads-free.
  • It sends your location to your emergency contacts at the time of crisis.

Released on-14 October 2010 | Download size-14.78MB | Rating-3.3/5 | Installs-100,000+

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Smart 24×7 app

This is a women’s safety app that stands out in the crowd. It is a unique app that enables a person in trouble to not only get connected with dear ones but also provides immediate assistance with the help of a 24-hour operational customer center. It is available on IOS and Android stores.


  • One can send alert messages to family, friends and also get in touch with fire, police, and ambulance services available nearby.
  • 5 primary contacts can be saved and messages will be sent to them when the user presses the PANIC button, irrespective of their phone models.
  • If GPRS isn’t working, then SMS will be sent to them.
  • The user will also get an immediate call from the Smart 24×7 Customer Care Centre.

Released on-27 May 2013 | Download size-13.14MB | Rating-2.9/5 | Installs-50,000+

Chilla App

Chilla is the most powerful personal safety app ever developed. It is the first app that can detect a woman’s scream even if the phone is in her pocket or bag. A shrill scream from a woman can trigger this app which then sends SMS with the woman’s location or places a call for help to the guardian. The app can also be powered by pressing the power button 5 times.


  • It can send SMS and place an automatic call even in a no-internet zone.
  • Automatic dial numbers can be of police for immediate police contact.
  • It remembers your last location.
  • There is no need to unlock the phone in case of an emergency.
  • It is helpful in situations of eve-teasing, medical emergency, rape, panic attack, and sudden attack.

Released on-11 February 2016 | Download Size-2.52 MB | Rating-3.9/5 | Installs-10,000+

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