Best features of OriginOS

At its developer conference in China, Vivo has unveiled the OriginOS Android skin. It is an overhaul of Funtouch OS, its precursor. The brand claims to have redesigned the UI with its users’ experience and expectations in mind. Thus, it has worked on three key areas viz. design, smoothness, and convenience.

Let’s see how it has all come about.

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Vivo OriginOS: Top Features

1. Klotski grid

This is a grid-based desktop interface that is reminiscent of iOS 14 homescreen w/ widgets or say Win 10 start menu. For the uninitiated, this new appearance is inspired by Klotski, a Japanese puzzle game. Vivo aims to organize important information in square and rectangle icons. You can choose between 1 x 1, 1 x 2, 2 x 3 formats to design the grid as you please.

There is even a handy music widget that lets you pick your preferred music service and control the playback.

Additionally, if you want to switch back to the traditional Funtouch UI, you can do so by simply tapping on a button.

2. Nano Alerts and Atomic Notifications

Nano Alerts is sort of an extension to the grid of widgets. The concept is simple — You get all the key stats and alerts populated right in front of your eyes and fingertips. Vivo’s presentation showcased flight details, hourly weather, and courier updates as examples.

For further details, you can long-press on the icons and more options will be presented. For instance, clicking on the camera icon would show specific lenses (telephoto or ultrawide) and video modes, so that you can quickly launch that particular camera feature.

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3. Nano Kits Library

With this, you can easily drag and drop icons from the component library and arrange them in small windows for multitasking. When not in use, the nano icons will stay in the library itself. So, you can use them whenever you want.

4. New Wallpapers

These wallpapers dynamically change based on real-world time and weather. Everything from the shape, size light, shadow, and density of on-screen elements will adapt to the regions’ true-time conditions.

5. Gesture Navigation

There are about 26 gesture combinations to navigate across the board. You can mix and match these. This opens up immense possibilities to sail through the OS. And should ease your multitasking operations.

6. OriginOS Card Package

This seems to be a rework of the Android 11‘s ‘Cards & Passes’ accessible within the Power Menu. Here, however, you just have to swipe up from the bottom-right edge of the screen. You can make one-tap payments by scanning your fingerprint. In the on-stage demo, Vivo showed support for Chinese apps like WeChat and AliPay. However, we expect it to accept Indian payment apps when it’s launched here.

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7. Performance Enhancements

OriginOS sports Multi-Turbo 5.0 which covers three key areas of optimization – memory fusion, process optimization, and application preloading. The first one, ie, memory fusion uses idle ROM memory as RAM, thus improving background processes.

At the moment, we don’t have any word on the OriginOS release date, supported devices, etc. We expect to hear from Vivo soon about these sooner than later.


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