Best ColorOS 11 features, ColorOS 11 update timeline and eligible devices

Oppo has officially announced the ColorOS 11 based on Android 11 today. This new update stays not just consistent with Android 11 in name scheme but also soaks in many of the latter’s native features. Additionally, the brand has added its own flair in terms of customization options, privacy measures, and performance optimizations.

The beta update rollout for select devices will begin from today and continue in batches. So, let’s see what those devices and dates are, but more importantly, what the new ColorOS 11 perks are.

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Top 11 ColorOS 11 Features

Oppo puts forward the Make Life Flow theme with the new ColorOS version. The bevy of features is basically divided into 3 categories viz. Customization, Smooth Performance, and Seamless Experience.

1. Dark Mode

ColorOS is one of the most customizable Android skins out there. But with the new rendition, it takes things up a notch. It now lets you tweak color accents and schemes, produce new wallpapers derived from existing photos in the gallery, tune new ringtones to your taste, and choose between three dark mode hues (as shown in the above image). Further, you also get to set it to auto-switch based on sunset and sunrise times in your region.

2. Always On Display

Always on Display in addition to Analog and digital clock faces, also allows you to change colors, add custom text, and create animated patterns.

3. Oppo Relax 2.0

OPPO Relax 2.0 lets you create ambient music from a wide library of sounds, some of which are sourced from the actual environments.

4. Flex Drop and Three Finger Translate

Gestures are a fundamental shift in how you navigate through the Android interface. Well, starting with ColorOS 11, you can swipe and convert apps into their own respective PIP windows. The feature coined as FlexDrop lets you multi-task and cycle between multiple apps, screens, and floating windows.

Moreover, the company has partnered with Google to integrate Google Lens into the three-finger gesture movement. So, besides taking a screenshot, now you can bring up Google Lens and translate onscreen text on the go. Plus, if you want, you can tap it open from the sidebar.

5. Nearby Share

Android’s Airdrop alternative ie Nearby Share is now natively available in ColorOS 11. It lets you seamlessly transfer files, links, and other items between different devices. We are not sure, whether there will be an issue of duplication with Oppo’s own Share solution.

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6. Android 11 goodies

Since it’s based on Android 11, needless to say, it embraces all the fresh improvements and feature additions that come with it. This includes things like Super Power Menu, Improved Notification menu, Auto-reset permissions of unused apps, and more.

7. Immersive Game Mode

ColorOS already had a pretty useful game mode that among other things did let you even have an eye over real-time performance parameters such as CPU and FPS. Now, the new Immersive Mode builds upon by allowing you to disable intrusive elements like alarms, notification, calls, etc.

8. Performance Enhancements

Oppo also vaunts the significance of UI First 2.0, in reducing lags and smoothening animations. It states the app launch speeds are up by 23.63 percent as most-used apps are smartly preloaded. Plus the augmented touch response times should also make a difference.

9. Battery Optimizations

From user feedback, the company has learned the consumer concern towards battery life and endurance. Hence, it intros Battery Guard which limits the charging at 80-percent during night time. Besides, the Power Saver mode should come handy when the charge is extremely low. The given stats claim a 5 percent power should offer 12 hours of standby time.

10. Privacy Measures

Private System lets you partition a parallel space where you can store your personal files and data, run clones of apps distinct from the original. You access this portion of your phone using a password or fingerprint scan. This will be rolled out in November 2020.

11. Oppo features opening up for Devs

Oppo also revealed how it aims to invite third-party developers to use its resources such as ARUnit, CameraUnit, MediaUnit, HyperBoost, etc, and build a broader app ecosystem. Looking forward to how it pans out.

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ColorOS 11 Update Timeline

Here’s the list of devices that are eligible for the new ColorOS 11 along with the date of OTA rollout:

It starts with the Find X2 Series and Reno 3 series from today, and the rest of the 28+ phone models, such as Find, Reno, F, K, and A will get it in batches.

So, this has been a massive update, bringing several new things to the table, Let’s see how the actual performance holds up. We’ll be testing it out for sure. BTW, if you happen to have any of the aforementioned devices, note that the software is still in beta. You are advised to wait until stable release since that should’ve ironed out issues if any. Also, due to GDPR regulatory hurdles, the update roadmap for users in the European Union and some other markets will be slightly different. They will be straight up receiving the stable update.


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