As phones evolve and become smarter they become more integrated with our lives. For e.g., Nowadays, you can use your phone as a remote to light up the room or to change TV channels and even to quantify how much you exercise through your day. This is convenient and feels good, but as a human being we have a tendency to better our own selves and are always hungry for appreciation. How better to show off than a device, as seamlessly a part of our daily routine as food. Bringing us to a need of a good looking smartphone coupled with good performance.

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Looks are subjective depending on every individual’s taste but still we judged keeping in mind a common perspective, weighing in durability, finish, elegance, convenience and design; here is our Best design smartphones under 15000 INR list for you.

Meizu m3 Note


Meizu’s new offering is centered around design and aesthetic beauty. The handset comes with a meticulously crafted aluminium body frame on the rear and a 2.5D glass on the front that subtly curves around the edges. Right under the crisp full-HD display, you will find a home button which integrates a fingerprint sensor.

In fact, it integrates a lot more. The home button is the only navigation key present, and if this is your first Meizu handset, this might take some getting used to. All said and done, Meizu m3 Note feels amazingly premium for its price.


  • Stylish looks
  • Capacious Battery
  • Sharp display


  • No Android Marshmallow

Meizu M3 Note Lowest price and hardware specifications



Elegant and beguiling metallic frame (dull matte) with curved corning gorilla glass back gives Lenovo Vibe S1 an alluring look (especially in dark blue) and so does its metallic frame running around the edges. Speakers at the bottom with two shade bars give it a look of iPhone 6 while a slight curve at the top makes it look like Samsung S6. With a 5 inch full HD (1920 x1080) screen occupying 68% of the front, this phone is 7.8mm thick and flaunts a curved back, making it sleeker at the edge, and thus a very comfortable phone to hold in hands.

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  • Dual Selfie Camera
  • Great Design
  • 64 Bit SoC with good performance


  • No backlight for capacitive keys
  • Slips through the hand sometimes

Lenovo Vibe S1 Lowest price and hardware specifications

One Plus X  


Offered by One plus, which after launching its One Plus 2, “this year’s flagship phone killer”, decided to take out the competition in the budget smartphone section as well by launching One Plus X. This phone being smaller than company’s previous offerings also stands slimmer at 6.9mm. The handset features a metal side-frame layered between a 2.5D glass on front and a glass plate on the rear and is offered in two variants i.e. Onyx and Ceramic. The latter priced higher is a limited edition device, while onyx is just another fancy name given to black.


  • Outstanding design
  • Good value for money
  • Dual SIM functionality
  • Camera is fast and takes good photos


  • Gameplay is choppy
  • Poorly designed physical and capacitive buttons
  • Earpiece sound quality disappointing

One Plus X Lowest price and hardware specifications

LeEco Le 1s Eco 


Trying to hit above its weight LeEco Le 1s Eco from LeTV has definitely raised eyebrows. This benign beauty is an actual metal unibody phone with thoughtful design (e.g. an ornamental lens to go with front camera giving it symmetry). It has a flat back with neat chamfered edges, and end to end placed glass screen on top of it; everything is just perfect for a smartphone in this price bracket and you are sure to mistake it for a high end smartphone.

Another advantageous feature to this pocket friendly device is the free 1 year membership of Le entertainment services worth 4900 INR. The 3000 mAh battery will further facilitate long multimedia sessions (however, the battery seems to drain very fast in poor network prone areas). Besides, you can enjoy fast charging integrated with the USB Type C port.


  • 1 year LeEco membership
  • Powerful chipset
  • Fast fingerprint sensor
  • Fast charging 3000mAH battery
  • USB type-C port


  • No microSD card slot

LeEco Le 1s Eco Lowest price and hardware specifications

LG K10


“Polished Pebble!” Is the first word that comes to your mind looking at this edgeless phone. Even the horizontal edges have been rounded but it still fits right into the hand without slipping (textured cover). LG K10 has a 5.3 inch screen which is not scratch resistant, thus compelling LG to introduce a scratch guard which looks a bit queasy. Power and volume controls are placed at the back of the phone (LG’s signature style). All in all, definitely a good design not complemented by powerful hardware.


  • Great design
  • Feature rich software
  • Good camera hardware


  • Entry level chipset

LG K10 Lowest price and hardware specifications

Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016)


The Samsung Galaxy J5 builds over the last generation model and eliminates many of its flaws. The biggest improvement is with respect to design. Improvements include New ‘diamond cut’ edges, good quality AMOLED display, and brushed metal texture back.

The Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) is comfortable to wield and is worth considering if you prioritize tier-1 branding in your next smartphone.

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  • Capacious battery
  • Good quality Amoled display
  • Dual SIM 4G LTE


  • Mediocre chipset

Samsung Galaxy J5 Lowest price and hardware specifications


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