Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 4 is a hot property and is sell like hotcakes at least in India. Xiaomi has already managed to sell over a million units in a very short amount of time (and still continuing).Cashing on the immense popularity, Xiaomi recently introduced it to the offline segment as well.

With the latest move of making Redmi Note 4 available in the offline market, the numbers will definitely be going to swell further.

Reading this, you must have been beaming with pride if you have managed to buy a Redmi Note 4 in the online sales which barely few seconds. Step one, completed.

But what about maintaining its sheen and protecting it from adversities? Fret not, we bring to you 10 best Redmi Note 4 cases and back covers to immune from your phone from scratches.

KAIRA Transparent Back Cover


If you want to showoff your Redmi Note 4 in all its glory from top to bottom (and sideways, and front and back), then this is what you need.

It has a very thin built with a raised lip to protect your screen, and is made up of a washable material with anti-scratch coating.

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Foso PU Leather Magnetic Flip Cover Wallet Case


Made up of high quality PU leather, it can be used simultaneously as a wallet too, thereby offering additional utility.

It’s wallet case can hold things like credit cards, travel cards and currency easily and locks both the wallet and the phone case together using a strong magnet.

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Multicolor Zapcase Back Cover

Zapcase Multicolor

If you want to add a little zing to the back of your Redmi Note 4, you can turn to this one right here.

It has a trendy design, which also comes with a raised lip for providing protection to the screen.

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Noise Back Cover


Essentially made up of polycarbonate plastic, it has a waterproof design and claims to have been printed using the latest IMT print technology.

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Unistuff Back Cover


Yet another phone cover featuring a scratch resistant design, it has edges on its TPU in order to protect the camera unit at the back.

Furthermore, the case bumper has added thickness to safeguard your Redmi Note 4 from shocks and drops.

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Fresca Back Cover


This one has a rugged design made of rubber and plastic, and also has a raised lip to protect the screen and comes along with a kickstand too.

For maximizing grip and control, the case has imbibed a ribbed design.

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Unistuff Back Cover


Having been fashioned from thermoacrylics, it provides protection from oil, corrosion as well as abrasions.

To add to that, it is waterproof, minimizes sliding on inclined surfaces and offers added safety from cracks and dirt.

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GiftKart Back Cover


This one offers protection from each and every angle and gives off a velvety feel.

Apart from that, this cover for the Redmi Note 4 also has a non-slipping surface with rubberized coating on the top.

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Golden Sand Back Case



It has anti-shock corners, along with raised lip for both the camera unit (1.5mm) as well as the screen (1mm).

Also, it claims to offer military grade protection against scratches, dust, smudges etc., is easy to install (and remove) and has a webed pattern on the inside.

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Mi Flip Cover


This one’s another type of flip cover that you choose for you Redmi Note 4. It has been fabricated from artificial leather.

It has two holes, a bigger one at front displaying some part of the screen (also allowing you to pick up and reject calls without the need to flip), and a smaller one for the camera unit.

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