14 Best AI Code Generators Every Coder Should Be Aware About

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With technological advancements, the integration of Artificial Intelligence into Software Development has become a common occurrence. Today’s software developers/coders have access to many AI-powered tools that can not only automate and assist in coding but also ensure that codes remain safe. There are various AI Code Generators available online, but which ones can be relied upon as a question for coders? Today, in this write-up, we will talk about the best AI Code Generators available for developers.

Best AI Code Generators Available for Developers

1. Amazon CodeWhisperer

Amazon CodeWhisperer is an AI Python Code Generator made by Amazon to assist coders in real-time. The tool offers code suggestions based on existing codes and comments, using billions of lines of code for reference.

It can support various programming languages and is compatible with IDEs like AWS Cloud9, Visual Studio Code, and more. It can automate repetitive tasks and enhance security code and accuracy via machine learning suggestions. Individual developers can use it free of cost, while the professional version starts at 19 USD per month.

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2. Jedi

Jedi is an open-source AI Python Code generator that developers can use as a plugin in IDEs and editors. It offers code autocompletion, go-to search, find, and refactoring. Jedi can support multiple Python versions and offer code completion suggestions as one type.

It is compatible with various editors and projects like Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, Emacs, etc. Jedi is a free-to-use tool for developers at all levels.

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3. GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is based on the OpenAI Codex language model and is one of the top Python AI code generators that helps develop high-quality code faster. It takes insights from a diverse pool of public code repositories, suggests entire lines of code, completes functions and offers comments. Copilot also adapts to the coding style of the coder and supports multiple programming languages.

It increases productivity and lessens errors. Developers should be mindful of its use of publicly available code repositories, which might cause intellectual concerns. For individuals, it starts at 10 USD/month and is also available for 100 USD/year. For Businesses, it costs 19 USD/ user.

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4. Wing Pro

Wing Pro is an AI Python Code Generator that offers high-quality, context-worthy suggestions by analyzing static and runtime code. It includes an error-checking tool that enhances the overall editing experience. There is an auto-completion feature in both the editor and Python shells, which means Wing Pro ads developers automatically insert parameters into functions and methods.

It offers a 30-day free trial and caters to professional developers working on a wide range of apps developed by Python. There is an error-checking tool to improve your editing experience as well. One year’s license of Wing Pro costs 179 USD.

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5. Replit

Replit gives users a collaborative and interactive environment to code and learn in a group. The Ghostwriter code assistant within Replit streamlines the coding process with AI by offering contextually relevant code suggestions.

It also provides advanced inline suggestions, error identification, and correction, allowing users to code within docs. It needs an internet connection for code execution and has a cloud-based environment that facilitates collaborative learning.

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6. Codiga

Codiga stands out as a tool capable of static code analysis and integration with various platforms, IDEs, and programs. Through static code analysis, the tool enhances code efficiency, safety, and cleanliness, offering real-time code fixes and brilliant code snippets.

Codiga supports various programming languages and also aids in simplifying code reviews, maintaining code quality, and ensuring security.

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7. IntelliCode

IntelliCode by Microsoft is an AI-based tool designed to provide intelligent recommendations and code completion as the developers type away. It has been trained on half a million open-source code completions on GitHub’s projects, and the AI generator learns and improves its efficiency over time.

IntelliCode helps developers write Python code faster and navigates code more efficiently. There is support for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code and auto-completion for whole chunks of code. It maintains a consistent code style based on the local codebase. Pricing starts at 45 USD per month.

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8. AIXcoder

AIXcoder focuses on intelligent programming, allowing developers to benefit from AI tech handling their Python coding tasks. It suggests entire lines of code and thus leads to faster development, freeing up developers to focus on complex challenges.

AIXcoder also supports customization to meet specific team or business needs and uses deep-learning models trained on millions of open-source code snippets. There is an offline version for safety and ease of use as well. It is a free program.

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9. Tabnine

Tabnine works with the most popular code editors and is an AI assistant for developers who can predict and suggest the following lines of code by analyzing context and syntax. The tool supports multiple programming languages and integrates seamlessly with various code editors.

Tabnine focuses on improving productivity and code quality through smart completion and error detection. The coders can also customize recommendations per preference and coding style, making it a versatile choice for developers looking to save time and write code efficiently. The pro version starts at 12 USD/month.

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10. Ponicode

Ponicode’s main aim is to achieve defect-free software by leveraging AI technology to enhance code writing speed and efficiency. It supports Java, Python, and Javascript, allowing developers to make robust solutions and maintain code quality effortlessly.

It is an AI-powered tool that aims to balance code quality, speed, and innovation, eliminating monotonous processes in software development.

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11. Cody by Sourcegraph

Cody by Sourcegraph is an AI-powered code generator that understands the context of the code and offers relevant recommendations. It helps developers navigate complex codebases, identifies relevant methods, and creates code snippets.

The tool is beneficial for developers working on large-scale projects and is available for free.

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12. MutableAI

MutableAI is a platform that creates code snippets tailored to specific codebases. It adapts to the project’s context and delivers customized solutions for web apps, machine learning models, and APIs. The tool facilitates the creation of clean and efficient Python code.

It proves to be an invaluable resource for developers wanting to streamline their coding workflow. The basic plan starts at 2 USD/month, while the Premium plan costs 15 USD/month. The tool costs 50 USD/month for business, while for enterprise, its cost will be determined contractually.

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13. AskCodi

AskCodi is a tool that simplifies instant code generation by swiftly providing answers to coding queries. It is a valuable resource for developers seeking concise solutions to any coding problems.

The tool’s efficiency lies in generating code snippets on the fly, making it helpful in enhancing coding productivity. The pricing starts at 9.99 USD with access to the advanced model with the ultimate plan.

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14. Codeium

Codeium focuses on code refactoring and optimization, analyzing existing code, and suggesting improvements to enhance performance, readability, and maintainability. The tool has AI-driven insights that guide developers towards cleaner and more efficient Python code.

This makes it indispensable for those wanting to refine their coding practices. It covers 40+ IDEs in 70+ languages and is free for individual usage. The Pro plan for individuals starts at 10 USD/month, while for teams, it starts at 12 USD/month.

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1. How does the AI code generator work?

It leverages Machine learning algorithms with large amounts of existing source code, often sourced from open-source projects. LLMs comprehend the patterns and structures within code, enabling them to generate new code segments based on the developer’s specs.

2. How is AI Code Generation useful?

These tools boost productivity, automate repetitive and tedious tasks that need full human attention, and democratize software development.

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