Call recording, a feature we have long taken for granted, is no longer as seamless on most new Android phones in India. Customizable call recording has always been a noticeable omission on stock Android phones, and now many manufacturers including OnePlus, Xiaomi, Realme, Poco, and Oppo are replacing their dialer apps with google’s stock dialer on new and upcoming phones, thus eliminating the much sought-after auto call recording feature.

Why auto-call recording is missing on most new Android phones?

Almost all OnePlus, Realme, Poco, OPPO and Xiaomi phones that we have tested post-October 2020 are missing auto call recording and that’s because they use Google’s stock Dialer app instead of their native dialers. It looks like Samsung and Vivo are the only brands that continue to use their own dialer apps for now (Some phones priced under 10k being exceptions).

The push is coming from Google itself and the Mountainview giant now wants its own stock dialer and messaging app to be the default dialer and default messaging app on Android phones. This could be due to privacy concerns or as part of a long term plan Google envisions.

After all, if more people use Google Dialer it would be easier for Google to successfully implement upcoming services like ‘Google Verified Calls’ and RCS messaging that the company has zealously backed as a legit alternative to iMessage on iPhones.

This isn’t the first time Google is cracking on Auto call recording. Android 9 Pie blocked all call recording apps and rendered them useless without root access.

Call recording still works on most phones with Google Dialer (not all) but it can be initiated only for an ongoing call and only after a notification prompt that’s audible at both caller’s and receiver’s end plays every time you start or stop.

Yes, recording calls without other people knowing lies in the ethical grey area, but it is understandable why many consumers are miffed. Besides, there are many legit reasons why you’d want to record calls. It is understandable if people feel the need to keep track of their personal or professional communication without making people too conscious of what they say.

So, if you need to manage call recording in a better way, you will need to rely on third-party apps.

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Best Call recording apps for Android phones

There are many android apps that can help add auto-call recording, but none works as seamlessly as native solutions. In fact, most of these apps hardly work.

If you still desperately need call recording, you may try these third-party apps.

1. Cube ACR

Cube ACR is one of the most popular apps for call recording on Android phone. Apart from cellular calls, the app can also record VoIP calls made on Whatsapp or other messaging apps.

All usual array of features are there and you can activate cloud backup, PIN lock and a few more features in the Pro version that costs INR 349 per year.


2. Call Recorder – ACR

Call recorder ACR by NLL works like a conventional call recording app but offers a few extra options under settings. You can decide the audio recording format, add audio gain, and decide to keep or delete recording after each prompt.


3. Call recorder – Lucky mobiles

Call recorder by Lucky mobiles is a feature rich call recording app that does the job. You can set audio bitrate, increase volume of incoming audio, and secure your recordings with a pin.

The app is a bit heavy on apps which you can remove with a one time payment of INR 270.


Best call recording apps for Android phones

Google Play Store has a number of call recording apps with similar names and iconography, but none of these work as flawlessly as native call recording in dialer apps. If you really need auto call recording, you could consider buying a Samsung or Vivo phone.


  1. In leatest updated Android version like 9, 10 Call regording option is being abolished by Google dialer as per European policy n US policy too. In Stock android u can’t see this recording option also. In what ever way you may try to get it fixed in your phone by installing any third party app all will go in vain. Only One sided recording will be possible.
    Its a sad news for many those who uses its frequently !!

  2. I’ve tried all the above apps but Goog le has made sure all third party call recording apps become useless. They can record only one side of conversation. Jeopardizing our way of life has been the moto of these big giants.


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