Apple seems to be pushing the development of its self-driving electric car and has taken a new step by hiring Tesla’s former Auto-pilot software director Christopher Moore. Apple’s EV project has been reportedly under works for five years with the moniker Project Titan.

Bloomberg reports at Apple, Mr. Moore will report to Stuart Bowers who is also an ex-Tesla employee. Moore’s term at Tesla was not smooth as he kept contradicting Elon Musk’s lofty claims about the Autopilot performance of Tesla electric cars. He had refuted his then boss’s belief that Tesla would hit Level 5 autonomy in the near future as impractical.

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Apple Electric Car

Meanwhile, Apple’s car project VP Doug Field has apparently stepped down from the post to join Ford Motors in a similar role. So, it seems several players, new and existing are busy hiring or say, poaching key people from each other. This includes the iPhone maker who is rumored to be stacking up its effort to compete with the likes of Tesla who are already in the business. Since the company has never confirmed its self-driving car project, we have to work with rumors, and they are aplenty. 

Apple Headquarter, California

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The Cupertino giant is also said to be looking for assembly partners and vendors of car batteries for its self-driving electric cars. Foxconn, a key partner for iPhone assembling, has expressed interest to extend its partnership for the electric car venture. 

Nevertheless, the Apple car project is still nebulous as no one knows if and when it will hit the market. Experts believe that it will take until 2025 for us to actually witness an Apple electric car.

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