India is witnessing a commendable surge in the growth of electric vehicles irrespective of vehicle type. The Indian customers are showing their interest equally in both two-wheeler and four-wheeler electric vehicles. The key reason behind the rise in EVs is believed to be the continuation of the hike in petrol and diesel prices across the country. Though, whatever the reasons are, a shift towards sustainable alternatives is surely appreciable. 

The crucial factor hindering the faster adoption of electric vehicles is the charging station network which is in a nascent phase in India. However, key players like EESL, Tata Power, Ather, Ola Electric, and others are gradually setting up charging stations for proper infrastructure. Though finding a charging station in the middle of an unfamiliar road can be a task in itself. But there are a few websites and mobile apps that are doing their part to help you in finding an EV charging station near you. 

Let’s have a glance at the best ways of finding verified EV charging stations nearby.

1. EV Plugs

EV Plugs is a mobile app that is the first of its kind in assembling locations of charging stations in one place. The platform is said to aggregate up to 1000 charging points from service providers like EESL, Tata Power, Statiq, Magenta, and Ather to name a few. The app shows a list of charging stations compatible with the selected electric vehicle and navigates to the point from the user’s location. The mobile app allows you to save your favourite EV station and create an EV route planner for a road trip. EV Plugs is currently working to bring features like real-time availability of EV charging points to book and pay for the service. Note that the iOS version of the app is yet to release. 

Download EV Plugs app from Google Play Store

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2. Tata Power EZ Charge

Tata Power EZ Charge is an Android mobile application officially offered by Tata Power to carry out an array of multiple services to electric car owners. The app not only shows the location of the Tata Power charging station but also enables users to book charging appointments, make payments, save preferred locations, show charging history, and show real-time charging status. The app is suitable for EV owners, Fleet EV owners, and Taxi EV owners. Tata Power has installed EV charging stations in 40 Indian cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, etc. 

Download Tata Power EZ Charge app from Google Play Store | Apple App Store

3. Statiq EV Charging

Statiq EV Charging is another decent mobile app contributing toward faster EV adoption. The platform shows the nearest electric vehicle charging station to the user with an option to book a slot and digitally pay for the service. It shows the charging network for both electric cars and scooters that are installed at office spaces, shopping malls, residential apartments, restaurants, hotels, etc. The app also sends notifications to alert the user on the availability of new charging points in the area. The platform developer also invites people to become EV charging hosts and distributors. 

Download Statiq EV Charging app from Google Play Store | Apple App Store

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4. Tata Motors

The maker of most electric cars in India, Tata Motors runs a dedicated website to find EV charging stations. The finder shows charging stations of different providers including EESL, Tata Motors, Ather, Tata Power, Zeon, Statiq, and others. To locate the charging point, it needs the user to select state and city. It, then, shows the list of charging stations with pinned locations on the map.

There are still several mobile applications and websites which are working to provide the best solutions in way of finding suitable charging locations as well as other services related to electric vehicles. 

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EV Charging Tariffs in India

While EV transformation in India growing, a few states have announced charging tariff plans for electric cars and two-wheelers. Among all, Delhi has the cheapest charging cost of around Rs 4.5 per unit for low tension EVs and Rs 5 per unit for high tension EVs. The Bengaluru authority has slated the charge from Rs 7.28 to Rs 8.90 per unit while BMC-owned charging points in Mumbai has set Rs 14 per unit to charge electric vehicles. 

We will bring you more developments in the Indian EV sector as they hit our radar. So stay tuned for more updates.


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