Apple has invited the media and other guests for a March 25 “special event”. Rumors and speculations hint at the launch of the tech giant’s anticipated streaming TV and other services. The press invites clearly highlight, “it’s show time.”

Apple is reported to collect and curate content for its new service platform. It has been pursuing content creators and artists for the same. For starters, users could experience new sci-fi shows and reboots of some good old gems too including big names such as Speilberg, Oprah Winfrey, and Ronald D. Moore.

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Rumor has it that Apple could also bring out its premium magazine and news subscription service. A year back, the company had acquired Texture, a digital magazine service. Anyhow, Steve Jobs Theater at Apple’s new campus in Silicon Valley is the venue for the event. This is the same theater where the iPhone X was unveiled back in 2017.

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Like Microsoft, another tech behemoth which diverted its business to services from Hardware, Apple could also take a similar route. Revenue from its current cash cow, i.e. iPhones, seems to have hit apogee in 2018, and this could be pointed as the cause for this shift.

The last time, the company did something like this with the exact words “show time” was way back in 2006. Apple iTV or Apple TV took the center stage back then, which was a big leap for the time.


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