Update 1/07/16: Android N has been officially named Android Nougat

Way ahead of the official Android N announcement (which will happen at Google I/O in May, 2016), Android Police has managed to get their hands on the screenshots of what the new notification shade in Android N might look like.

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Posting direct screenshots wasn’t an option, so the technology website has posted a few mock-ups based on what they saw. This is what the new notification panel on Android N might look like. As you can see in the images, the changes are both cosmetic and functional.

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Old vs New Notification shade

The quick settings icons will now be accessible right under the notification shade and the app icons in notifications are more subtle. New Notification cards and quick settings panel extends to full width of the display.


Old vs New Quick Settings

With Android Lollipop, Google introduced a more intuitive way to reach quick settings, i.e. by double swipe down gesture. In Android KitKat and other versions you had to tap on the settings button on the far right corner which wasn’t very handy especially on large size smartphones. We hope the Android N still retains double swipe gesture to access notification shades.

Google is expected to formally introduced Android N at Google I/O in May 2016. The developer preview will follow soon after, and the final Android N christening and release shall be saved for when the next Nexus arrives. All this time, Google will be experimenting, adding and removing stuff. Every year there are key features in developer preview which don’t make it to the final OS version. Point being, nothing is carved in stone as of now.

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