30+Android 14 Features that will be available in 2024

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Google rolled out the next generation Android 14 OS in October 2023. The most popular and most used Android Operating System comes with a host of new features, some of which dropped in October, some in December and some will drop in March 2024. Although Google officially dropped the usage of codenames with Android 10 the versions are still codenamed internally. Android 13 was Tiramisu while Android 14 was Upside Down Cake.

Google Pixel Phones are among the first to receive all the new features associated with Android 14, followed by smartphones from other brands. Read on to learn about the rollout schedule of the Android 14 update and all its new features.

Android 14 OS: Roll Out Schedule

Google Devices that have received Android 14 Update-

  • Pixel 4a
  • Pixel 5
  • Pixel 6a
  • Pixel 6 and 6 Pro
  • Pixel 7 and 7 Pro
  • Pixel 7a
  • Pixel Fold
  • Pixel Tablet  

Lenovo Devices scheduled to get Android 14 Update in 2024-

  • Tab Extreme
  • Tab M10 5G
  • Tab M11
  • Tab P12
  • Tab P11 Pro
  • Tab P11

Motorola devices scheduled to receive Android 14 updates in 2024-

  • Razr 40 & 40 Ultra
  • Moto Edge 30 Series
  • Moto Razr+ series
  • Moto G Power
  • Moto G Stylus

Nothing Phones that have received or will receive Android 14-

  • Nothing Phone (1)
  • Nothing Phone (2)
  • Nothing Phone (3)
  • Nothing Phone 2a

OnePlus 10 Series, OnePlus 11 Series, OnePlus 9 Series and OnePlus Pad have already received Android 14 OS. OnePlus Devices that will get Android 14 in 2024-

  • OnePlus 12 Series
  • OnePlus Open
  • OnePlus Open 2
  • OnePlus Nord Series

Samsung phones that have received the update-

  • Galaxy S23 Series
  • Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5
  • Galaxy S22 Series
  • Galaxy A Series devices
  • Galaxy S21 Series
  • Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Fold 4
  • Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Fold 3

In 2024, following Samsung devices will get Android 14-

  • Samsung Galaxy S24 Series
  • Samsung Galaxy M Series phones
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Flip 6

30+ New Features of Android 14 OS

1. Forced Themed Icons

Earlier the display contained mono icons which had to be supported to look decent otherwise they seemed half-baked and out of line. With Android 13 this was changed as the icons themselves changed to themed ones even if they weren’t supported by the devs. The same is expected for Android 14 to make the experience even more seamless and immersive.

2. All-New Find-My-Device Experience

Fall 2024 will see Find My Device getting new capabilities. The feature will be supported on more devices and now the users will be able to look for their devices using other Android devices in the network. Small devices like TWS, watches, Phones, and more will have the capability to be searched for. Larger objects like bicycles will need tags/trackers working with Find My Device so that these don’t get stolen or lost.

3. Privacy Indicator Enhanced

Privacy Indicators are getting a revamp with the latest Android 14 Quarterly releases. The refreshed indicator, when the microphone or camera is being used, will show a small pop-up on tapping. Earlier it used to open a full-screen Safety Center.

4. App Cloning

App Cloning is one of the most awaited features for Android. Earlier users had to download app cloning softwares full of malware/spyware but now Google will legitimize it as there will be a Native App Cloning in Android 14. The App Cloning utility allows the usage of one app twice. This comes in handy when you need to remain logged into two different accounts simultaneously.

5. Repair Mode

In Android 14 QPR1 rolled out in December, Google added a new utility called Repair Mode. It allows the device to be put into a repair mode where none of the sensitive apps will be accessible. This comes in handy when one has to leave their phones at a repair or service center.

6. Predictive Back Gestures

Predictive back gestures are a feature that allows Android apps to use layers to remember app pages. Using back gestures one can do a back swipe to see the layer beneath. This comes in handy when you forget the page or layer below the one you are seeing. If there is something important on the screen and don’t want to lose that content then you can hold the back gesture and check the last layer you want to navigate to. In Android 14, predictive back gestures are available in Developer options.

7. Partial Screen Recorder

Partial Screen Recorder allows you to record a specific app. It lets you record an app without any UI elements or notifications appearing in the recordings. You just have to select the app you want to record. If you move to another app or home screen, the content will be black and will be visible as soon as you switch back to the app you want to record.

8. New App Battery Usage Settings

Earlier the App Battery Usage section had 3 options- Optimized, Restricted, and Unrestricted. Now, there is only a single toggle that allows background usage.

9. Share WiFi From Quick Settings Tile

One more useful feature that has been a part of the December drop is included in the WiFi Quick Settings. A single tap on the WiFi tile will open a share WiFi option at the bottom left so you can share the details of the WiFi network you are connected to without having to go to the Settings Menu.

10. Turning off the Glance Widget

At a Glance widget by Google has had a mixed response from the users. While some find it handy others don’t like it on their home screen. Earlier removing this widget from the home screen was not an option, but on users’ demand, Google will now allow the removal of the Glance Widget. It is present in Android 14 QPR2 Beta 1 Update but it is locked behind a flag.

11. Bluetooth Tile Enhancement

Till now Bluetooth tile in the Quick Settings Menu did not allow you to change connection to devices as long-pressing it opened in the Settings menu. Now, this will change as March Feature Drop is expected to add a WiFi tile-like layer to switch or forget Bluetooth devices from Quick Menu.

12. Android Device as a Webcam

Most of the laptops come with a poor webcam resolution of 720p. This led to users purchasing additional webcams to get better video quality. Google has tried to resolve this with December Feature Drop as it allows the use of your Android device as an external camera with a resolution of 1080p. To enable it go to the menu that comes on the screen when you connect your device to a PC, and select webcam to switch using the smartphone’s camera.

13. Better Quick Access in Landscape Mode

Image credits- Android Authority

Google will soon roll out an update that will offer better quick-access tiles and settings when the device is in landscape mode. When the device is in landscape mode, the tiles will appear to the left, and notifications on the right, instead of at the top. Nothing OS was the first to introduce this functionality.

14. Refreshed Pixel Updates Section

 After remaining the same for a long time, the Pixel updates section has been revamped by Google. To match the aesthetics of Android 14 the UI has been refreshed. There are 3 options in the section now- Pixel System Update, App Updates, and Google Play System Update. All 3 of the section names are self-explanatory and the feature is live now.

15. Emoji, Generative AI & Cinematic Wallpapers

The addition of emojis, Generative AI, and Cinematic Wallpapers make the experience even more customizable. To set an Emoji wallpaper, you have to select a few emojis and a dominant color, after which both are mashed together to create an interactive wallpaper for your device. The feature is currently live on the Pixel 8 Series. Cinematic wallpapers are yet to go live.

16. Tracker Prevention & Alerts

One department where Google has worked in tandem with Apple is the privacy department with Tracker Prevention alerts. Whether you are using any Android device, or if you are being followed by an unidentified tracker, the device will warn and help you locate the same. This leads to better safety and privacy.

17. Auto-Confirm Unlock

Now, one no longer has to press the tick button after entering the passcode to unlock any Android device. Android 14 comes with an Auto-Confirm Unlock feature that unlocks the device on the right passcode without having to press any extra button. This works for 6-digit passcodes only and to enable the feature go to Settings > Security & Privacy < Device Unlock < Gear Icon < Toggle on Auto-Confirm Unlock.

18. Health Connect

credits- 9to5Google

Google now offers a Health Connect App that is a wholesome app for health and fitness data. The data can be shared across various apps and comes pre-installed on all Android 14 devices. The app will receive regular updates.

19. Battery Charge Cycles Count

Android 14 comes with a feature to check the number of charge cycles and a battery’s manufacturing date. Checking battery health was also supposed to be rolled out but there has been no update on that front till now. You can use third-party APIs to check battery health but those aren’t completely reliable.

20. Phone’s Manufacturing Date

Now user can get to know when his/her device was made. The year of manufacturing is displayed in the About Phone Menu. To check the year of manufacturing, go to Settings > About Phone > Model. There will be a hardware version, serial number, model, and year of manufacturing. The feature will be useful when buying or selling refurbished devices that don’t have retail boxes.

21. Drag/ Drop Text & Images to Apps

One of the highlights of iOS 15 was the drag-and-drop text and images feature. The same can now be found on Android 14. To use this functionality, select the text, long-press it, and drag it. Simultaneously use your other hand to open another app where you want to paste the text and drop the text in the text area.

22. Charging Pill

This feature doesn’t serve much purpose apart from making your device look even more stylish. It is a cool animated pill that pops up when you plug in your device for charging.

23. Bifurcated Ring and Notification Volumes

Earlier Android devices had a single volume setting for call and notification volume levels. Android 14 has solved it by bifurcating the ring and notification volume settings. The icon for the silent mode has been changed to a crossed speaker logo.

24. App Pair

Google first announced this functionality in I/O 2023 while launching Google Pixel Fold. The same will be coming to Android 14 in 2024. App Pair will allow users to use apps in pairs, in split screens, and minimize and maximize them together. The feature will come in handy for smartphone as well as tablet users.

25. Photo Picker

When Photo Picker was not available, the apps on your device would have access to the entire media gallery of your smartphone which wasn’t safe or wise. Photo Picker solves this problem as it allows you to choose only select photos that the app can access. If any app has access to all your photos and videos, you can change the permissions for the app by switching it to Ask Every Time.

26. Android 14 Easter Egg

This is a game that is available in the Settings Menu. You can try the game by going to Settings > About Phone > Android Version> Tapping thrice on Android Version. The screen will display an easter egg, pressing and holding which will lead to a game of maneuvering a rocket and discovering 7 bodies.

27. Regional Preferences

If you are a European living in the US, you might want Euro-style measurements, calendars, clocks, and more. Android 14 allows the user to choose between various regional styles and also set preferences about the first day of the week, the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, etc.  

28. Magic Compose

Magic Compose will be available in the Messages app and help you write text messages in different moods. Whatever you want to write, Magic Compose will offer different ways of framing the message and sending it to create the best impression. It is a pixel-only feature.

29. Notification Flashes

If you work in an environment where there is noise or if you are someone with hearing difficulties, this feature can help. Go to Settings > Display > Flash Notifications > Toggle on Camera Flash/ Screen Flash. This way your display will flash when you have notifications. One can also choose colors for screen flashes and preview them before enabling them.

30. Lockscreen Customizations

Android now comes with various options for lock screen clocks, each having its own unique style. You can adjust the clock you like and add app shortcuts at the bottom part of the screen. The update will be available next month and the first glimpse was given way back in I/O 2023.

31. Improvements in Camera & Battery Life

Google claims that Android 14 OS will provide better battery life and improve camera performance. QoL improvements have been made to optimize battery life while new camera extensions help boost camera performance. Pixel devices will best showcase these achievements.

32. Better Hearing Aid Support

Android 14 will offer better support for audio devices. There is a dedicated page for the audio devices and you can choose which sounds go through your hearing aids and which ones come through the device’s speakers. The OS will also warn you when you listen to music at a loud volume for a long time.

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