Amazon Launches Its AI Chatbot, But It’s Not For Everyone

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After OpenAI and Google, Amazon announced a new AI chatbot called Q. The Washington-based e-commerce giant revealed the chatbot at the Amazon Web Services Reinvent conference in Las Vegas. According to a report by CNBC, the product is named after a popular character in James Bond movies or Star Trek. Currently, Q is available in preview. However, ultimately, Amazon has designed the AI tool for businesses and enterprises.

What Is Amazon Q?

Amazon Q is a new type of AI-powered assistant specifically for work. It can help users get fast, relevant answers to pressing questions, solve problems, generate content, and take action using the data found in the company’s information repositories and enterprise systems. The tool can also understand users’ existing identities, roles in a company, and permissions to personalize its responses.

Amazon Q Business Plan Details

Once Amazon Q is out of preview, it will be available in two pricing plans: Business and Builder. Amazon Q Business will cost users $20 per month and offer capabilities such as problem-solving, content generation, finding insights in data, and taking action. It can also perform other tasks, such as summarizing customer feedback, and help speed up day-to-day organizational communications. Once subscribed, Amazon Q will also be available in the company’s business intelligent service, Amazon QuickSight, which can provide new insights, summarize trends, and create data stories on demand.

Amazon Q Builder Plan Details

On the other hand, the Amazon Q Builder includes all the capabilities of the Business plan and adds a couple of AWS-specific features. For instance, it is an expert in Web Services as Amazon has trained it on AWS knowledge. As a result, it can help users get started, learn unfamiliar technologies, build new solutions, and spend less time on maintenance. It is also aware of newly added features, so users can ask about them and get a full description. Further, Amazon Q Builder can also help debug, test, and optimize code and troubleshoot applications.

The official AWS Q pricing page gives a detailed list of features and comparisons. Since it is a business-oriented product, managers can determine which user can access what type of information, possibly through some position or identity-based restriction. Currently or in the foreseeable future, the service won’t be available to regular users, unlike ChatGPT or Google Bard, which are free for everyone.

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