Amazon India brings Hindi voice to its Amazon Messaging assistant. The smart assistant can now answer your queries in Hindi without even connecting to a human associate.

The chatbot is powered by AI and leverages machine learning and  Natural Language Processing capabilities. It is responsible for a seamless and friendly conversation with the customers, without any human interventions. The inclusion of Hindi language adds a new feather in its cap.

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Amazon brings Hindi voice assistant support to its bot

Hindi is one of India’s official languages, which is spoken by millions. Last November, Google brought the Hindi voice support to its smart assistant. Now, Amazon can also tap into the huge Hindi linguistic population. This could benefit it against its main rival – Walmart-backed Flipkart.

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Mr. Akshay Prabhu, Director, Customer Service, Amazon India said, “When customers interact with the Automated Assistant, it first predicts the most likely issue they are trying to contact us for, post which customers can ask questions related to their issue and receive faster resolutions. By offering the Automated Assistant in Hindi, we are taking a big step towards localizing our post-order experience for Indian customers. The new chat assistant in Hindi underlines our commitment to serve the next 100 million Indians to discover and shop with Amazon. We also see opportunities for scaling the messaging assistant as a contact channel —to increasingly resolving issues before a customer service associate is even involved.”


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