Mobile phones came into being with the sole intention of initiating wireless communication. And as the time has passed by, those talking devices have now evolved into machines which not only fulfil the purpose of communication, but also serve as a source of entertainment and an equally reliable source of work. As we speak of entertainment on a mobile phone, the prime stuff that strikes the mind is the games that come preloaded in any mobile phone. And the very first game of its kind which most of us came across is the Snake.


Snake was the game which was very firstly observed in Nokia mobile phones, no matter whichever model it be. The game had the motive of driving a snake to get its food and make it grow longer. As the snake grew longer, the speed got incremented as well. And the great news is that the vintage classic is now going to be available for smartphones very soon. The classic game is going to make a comeback in the name of Snake Rewind. The game is being developed by Armanto which has teamed up with a game design studio, named Rumilus Designs. The game is being developed for all smartphone platform, iOS, Android and Windows.

The game comes with a unique feature which is derived from its name, Rewind. With this feature, you can rewind your snake in time if you make a mistake and wish to replay the moment where you made a mistake. Apart from this, the game offers power ups in between at certain intervals to get you to score a bonus. The game will be unleashed on May 14 for all smartphone platforms and will contain 10 levels to be completed sequentially. To watch the game trailer, explore the video below.


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