Huawei’s Honor 7X that comes with dual-camera and full vision display for an affordable price is now official in India. The Honor 7X has been priced in India at Rs. 12,999 and Rs. 15,999 for its two storage variants.

Although the Honor 7X is a metal unibody phone, which is sturdier than plastic, it is still susceptible to damages. The phone can suffer scratches, dents, and bumps caused by inadvertent drops.

Fret not! We’ve got you covered. Below are some of the best body cases and back covers that will keep the image of your Honor 7X intact for a long time.

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Honor 7X Bumper Case by FoSo

This bumper transparent case cover for Honor 7X is perhaps the strongest case in the lot. The cover is for clumsy users who often have misadventures with their phones. It packs some extra-cushions on the corners, which means that even if you drop your phone accidently, it is likely to survive.

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Honor 7X Full Body Case by BigZook

Next up, is a full-body armour for your Honor 7X. The cover keeps the apple of your eye completely safe inside the casing and makes sure that it is safe from scratches, dust, collisions, and abrasion. 

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Honor 7X Premium Case by Excelsior

Looking for a premium cover for your Honor 7X, then this case might interest you. It is made from silicone material, and its leather finish at the back adds to the image of the phone. Once on, the case will definitely keep your phone from any sort of damages caused by minor drops.

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Honor 7X Superhero Case by Mott2

Superhero fan might have their heart out for this case. This Captain-America case is exclusively designed for Honor 7X to keep it safe and protected. It keeps all the corners of the phone under guard, and the matte finish at the back will give excellent grip over your phone.

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Honor 7X Transparent Case by Foso

Transparent case cover is for those who want to admire the beautiful curves of the phone while protecting it with a case. This particular case cover for your Honor 7X is for those lovers. Its crystal clear design keeps the aesthetic of the phone alive and protects it from minor mishaps.

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Honor 7X Smoke Black Cover by Fade-E

Moving on, we have an ultra-slim case cover for your Honor 7X. Talking about the cover, it is made of soft flexible TPU material to make it flexible yet rigid. The cover will protect your phone and keep it safe from minor-drops. Also, it is a translucent case, meaning you will still be able to admire the aesthetics of the phone.

Tip: The phone will look particularly good in the black color variant.

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Honor 7X TPU Case by Classy

Closing the list with this compact, elegant and stylish case cover for your new Honor 7X device. This phone protector has anti-shock corners and good resistance to scratches and fingerprint. Also, the raised bumper and tactile buttons ensure you don’t have to compromise on the comfort.

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Honor 7X Tempered Glass

The dazzling widescreen 18:9 display of the Honor 7X is as vulnerable to scratches and dust as the entire body. So, we would recommend you to apply a good-tempered glass on the screen as soon as you get your unit. Below are some options you can choose from.

Tempered Glass by TheGiftKart – Buy it from here

Tempered Glass by BestTalk – Buy it from here

Tempered Glass by Hupshy – Buy it from here

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