OnePlus seems to have hit another one right out of the park with its OnePlus 5T handset. The smartphone succeeds company’s highly rated OnePlus 5 with an improved low light camera performance, new Face Unlock feature, and a trendy 18:9 display.

Offering the phone with the same glossy design and comfy feel, and keeping the price same as the predecessor is perhaps the most cherished thing about the 5T. However, to keep its metal unibody design and the dazzling display intact for a long, we would recommend using a good back cover with it.

So, here presenting the best OnePlus 5T covers and cases that you can buy to safeguard it:

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OnePlus 5T Silicone Protective Case Cover

OnePlus has its own set of signature OnePlus 5T covers, which fits perfectly. This silicone protective case cover for your precious device comes with three-layer superior impact protection and offers a comfortable grip. The case is designed to protect the front and rear of your phone.

The raised edges provide added drop protection to the camera, screen, and button. The cover comes in two color options- Red and black.

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OnePlus 5T Protective Case Sandstone

The case by OnePlus for OnePlus 5T is a slim yet protective case cover that protects the front and rear of your phone. The cover has a sandstone texture at the back that adds some grip to your grip to your phone.

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OnePlus 5T Protective Case Karbon

This OnePlus 5T is designed using Real DuPont Kevlar fiber found in the bullet-proof material, topped with black and grey geometry design material for a beautiful protection. The raised edges provide added drop protection for the camera, screen, and the metal body.

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OnePlus 5T Flip Cover

OnePlus also offers a flip cover for your OnePlus 5T that will safeguard its display. This multifunctional cover offers premium protection while keeping your OnePlus 5T safe and stylish. Flipping open the cover will automatically wake your phone and flipping over will instantly lock the screen.

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OnePlus 5T Shock-Proof Case Cover by TopAce

Apart from the official options, some third-party case covers are also available. This particular case is a compact, elegant and stylish case cover that protects your Phone back and frame from fingerprints, scratches, dust, collisions and abrasions.

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OnePlus 5T Hard Case Cover by Avidet

This is an ultra-thin hard back case cover for your OnePlus 5T. The covers stick to the back of the phone and evenly spread to each corner of the phone, keeping it intact and away from dust. It will protect your phone from everyday damage, bumps and scratches caused by inadvertent drops.

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OnePlus 5T Tempered Glasses

The OnePlus 5T crams a bigger 6-inch display. This it has managed by the use of an 18:9 panel and due to some aggressive bezel trimming. To safeguard the screen of your OnePlus 5T display from all the scratches, protect it using a good screen protector.

OnePlus 5T Tempered Glass by OnePlus – Buy it from here

OnePlus 5T Tempered Glass by Care U – Buy it from here

OnePlus 5T Tempered Glass by Johra – Buy it from here

10 Best OnePlus 5T Alternatives You Can Consider Buying


  1. the sandstone protective case looks the best. OnePlus 5T looks something different and cool than the rest of the regular cases.It’s good to have it for my all new OnePlus 5T.

  2. This is a complete article about necessary OnePlus 5T accessories. I’m using Orzly screen protector to protect my smartphone screen from scratch and crack and Spigen Armor case for my OnePlus 5 smartphone. It’s looking good because it’s not bulky and the case matches perfectly.


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