vivo recently forayed into the uber premium smartphone segment with its X50 Pro. The company aims to deliver an elegant flagship that prioritizes features that consumers need and aims to deliver a wholesome experience.

We have been living with the X50 Pro and it’s certainly one of the most interesting phones that we have tested this year. Let’s talk about what makes the X50 Pro special and a few reasons why you should consider buying it as your next phone.

Magnificent Gimbal Camera

  • 48-megapixel customized IMX598; f/1.6 aperture, Gimbal camera stabilization
  • 8-megapixel super Wide-angle lens (120-degrees, 2.5cm macros)
  • 13-megapixel Professional portrait lens
  • 8-megapixel Periscope lens with 5x optical and 60x hyper zoom
  • 32-megapixel front selfie camera

The USP and the most talked-about feature of the vivo X50 Pro is its Gimbal camera. The camera system is quite loaded and complex, but it works effortlessly and makes photography a hell lot of fun.

To capture light efficiently, vivo uses Sony IMX598 with a customized color filter as the primary sensor and equips it with a wide f/1.6 aperture lens. The assembly is then stabilized for shakes up to 3-degrees using a double ball suspension mount. This consequently results in 3 times better stabilization than regular OIS without any need for cropping the footage. Even more importantly, the X50 Pro also leverages this improved stability to really embellish lowlight and nighttime photography.

Now, most cameras fumble when it comes to shooting in improper lighting, but this is exactly where the X50 Pro shines through and through. Thanks to its stabilized primary camera, and Extreme night vision, it manages a high success rate while keeping the shutter open for a longer duration and thus manages amazing captures in tricky and low lighting.

While shooting with X50 Pro’s main camera, if the smartphone tilts, pans, or rolls, the Gimbal Camera System’s gyroscope will calculate the direction and displacement of the shake. Using electromagnetic forces, the entire gimbal module will move in the opposite direction to compensate for shaking. Throughout this process, the module always adjusts its position with a refresh rate of 100Hz to stabilize the frame. Ordinary stabilization technologies target small-angle shaking, but X50 Pro’s Gimbal Camera System is optimized for motion shaking, making it more useful in real-world user scenarios where stabilization is needed.

And the night mode that further takes things to a whole new level. This isn’t just about brightening a dark scene, in dark environments, the Extreme night vision automatically kicks in and with the help of AI noise cancellation algorithm and gimbal stabilization, it manages to salvage detail and retain texture even in almost no light environment.

The X50 Pro makes the most of its Gimbal camera with shooting modes like Pro-Sports mode, smart zoom, Supermoon and Starry Sky mode.

The camera app includes an Astro Mode wherein you can take amazing pictures of a starry sky and a Night Portrait, which help you to take beautiful portraits at night. Moreover, to improve the experience X50 Pro have range of special light speckle effects like Black Gold, Green Orange, Blue Ice and Cyberpunk that you can use to artistically tweak color of the sky. The Starry Sky mode keeps the shutter open for even longer, take multiple frames of the sky and assemble them into a magnificent scenery. Smart software algorithms can differentiate between earth and sky and adjust accordingly.

That’s not all though. It is equally amazing with the 13MP Professional portrait lens to take day and night portraits. Yes, the portrait camera works surprisingly well even in lowlight and nighttime shots! The handset further has an 8MP 5x telescopic zoom camera that can zoom up to 60xHyper zoom and let you peep far away. The Supermoon mode uses AI smarts for pixel level enhancements while capturing the moon. Other features include 8MP super wide-angle macro camera. With features like excellent motion tracking and Audio zoom, this is also a very appealing option for vloggers and content creators.

All of these well put together features make the X50 Pro’s camera very engaging. We constantly find ourselves making excuses to pull out the phone and click random subjects, and that’s perhaps the hallmark of a great camera. And as far as flagships go, a great camera is half the battle.

Design – ergonomic and good looking

  • Dimensions and weight: 158.5 x 72.8 x 8.04 mm; 181.5 g
  • Material: AG Matte Glass, Alpha Grey color
  • In-display fingerprint reader
  • Face recognition

The vivo X50 Pro is certainly one of the best-looking phones around. The frosted marble finish back panel is smooth and sexy, and the alpha grey color is truly striking. Flip over to the front and you’d find a gorgeous 3D curved display screen and a glass body that is protected by SCHOTT Xensation Up complimenting the premium feel.

The X50 Pro is extremely comfortable to handle – it’s slim, it’s light, and it has curves in all the right places. The power button and volume rocker on the sturdy aluminum side frame are easily accessible. And so is the in-display fingerprint reader that’s extremely snappy and consistent.

vivo’s craftsmanship is epitomized by how it blends in its gimbal camera. vivo uses a layered ‘Dual Tone Step design’ that places the main camera and the periscope camera on two different levels with different color tones, thus camouflaging the thickness with gradually increasing steps. The rectangular module has gently rounded corners that further make it distinctive.

Such a large size module could have easily been a bulging eyesore, but instead, it now adds character to the design and makes the phone stand apart. And so does a simple plain strip at the top that vivo says is inspired by a ‘choker’.

In the age of 5G, phones are getting bigger and bulkier. The X50 Pro, however, is one of the slimmest 5G devices available in India at the moment and establishes that an elegant and awesome design is possible without compromising on technology that goes within.

Display and Multimedia experience

  • 6.56-inch 3D Curved-0 screen, AMOLED (1080 X 2376)
  • HDR10+ Technology support; 90Hz Refresh Rate and 180Hz touch response rate
  • Hi-Fi AK4377A audio

The fascia is dominated by an enchanting AMOLED display. vivo employs 3D Curved Ultra O screen with extremely narrow black bezels. The curved side edges look awesome and make the phone very comfortable to handle. The X50 Pro screen is HDR10+ compliant and covers the entire DCI-P3 gamut. Colors are accurate, contrast is pleasantly high, and the display is light on eyes.

The 6.56-inch panel supports 90Hz refresh rate that makes motions and animations appear more fluid and it also has a 180Hz high response rate that makes the phone recognize touches faster – an ability that particularly comes in handy while gaming.

Typical brightness of 800 Nits and a maximum brightness of 1300 Nits ensure that you won’t face any trouble while occasionally using your phone outdoors under direct sun.

The fabulous display is complimented by powerful Hi-Fi audio, thus making the X50 Pro and exceptional phone for consuming multimedia content. The phone also supports HD streaming across apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Superfast charging

  • 4315mAh battery
  • 33W vivo Flash charge 2.0

Modern smartphone technologies like high refresh rate displays and 5G are quite demanding. At the same time, a lasting battery remains a prerequisite for a decent experience.

The 4315mAh battery on the vivo X50 Pro can conveniently last for more than a day. The endurance can partly be attributed to vivo Energy Guardian (VEG) technology that intelligently coordinates the use of system resources to drive maximum efficiency and can curb abnormal power usage by up to 50%.

Further, the handset supports 33W vivo FlashCharge 2.0 technology that can rapidly top up the tank. So, overall, even demanding consumers won’t have to bear any battery anxiety whatsoever.

Dependable performance and future-ready

  • Snapdragon 765G (LPDDR4x + UFS 2.1)
  • 5G

Powered by powerful 7nm Snapdragon 765G octa-core chipset with Adreno 620 graphics, the X50 Pro can handle even the most demanding of apps and games without any trouble. The chipset is paired with up to 8GB RAM and 256GB storage and is assisted by a very resource-friendly software. Needless to say, multitasking and day-to-day usage are perfectly smooth.

The handset supports the latest set of connectivity options including 5G. If you are buying a flagship phone today that you plan on sticking to for another couple of years, a bit of 5G futureproofing should be good to have.

vivo X50 Pro: Reasons to buy

The vivo X50 Pro is an easy recommendation. What makes the vivo X50 Pro stand out on its own is the fact that it comes at a price that’s just too good for the features it has to offer. The phone has an innovative & fabulous camera that excels at every aspect especially lowlight photography, it looks and feels awesome, has a mesmerizing display, and makes good on its promise of dependable performance. But more than the features and highlights, it’s the meticulous attention that vivo has paid even to minutest details that make the X50 Pro really special and flagship worthy. You can buy the phone for INR. 49,990 across all major online (Amazon, Flipkartvivo’s eStore) and Paytm Mall, Tata Cliq and other major e-commerce websites.


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