Every day tons of new apps appears on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store with some new and exciting features. Among so many apps launched each year, only a few make a striking difference and are adopted as part of our daily lives. Of course, the utility may vary from person to person, but in 2015 too we have witnessed some interesting gems, which are worthy enough to take a note. Here’s a list 5 interesting apps that you should try.

Inbox by Gmail

After months of persisting with the invite system, Google officially made inbox available for all. This killer app is a fresh take on Gmail, coming from Google itself. Inbox offers a fresh air to overall emailing experience by offering Google’s material design interface and several other intuitive features. It showcases important information like shipment updates, due dates and flight status in Google Now-like cards.

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Debuted in 2015, Periscope has quickly created a buzz in the market and is widely recognized as the hottest live streaming app. It popularity was such that Twitter bought it for 86 million dollars.  The popularity of Periscope can be gazed from the fact that people like Jimmy Fallon, Jim Gaffigan and Chris Hardwick have been frequently streaming backstage action or reporting live using Periscope. Apple has rated Periscope as “app of 2015” on its app store.



Drupe is one app that simply transforms your whole communication ecosystem in two swipes. Drupe is basically a dialer app which lets you connect with you friends, family colleagues on any social media app, SMS, or even calling by just sampling swiping the contact. The app lists all – Dialer, WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Skype – next to your contact list, the way it should be. This is not all, Drupe let users set reminders for when to contact friends, communicate with groups, and generates automatic and customizable favorite lists.


Cardboard Camera

Virtual Reality will be one of the highlights of 2016 as tech giants have found a new battlefield to compete and prove their supremacy. In December, Google introduced a VR content creation app for its Android phone users called Cardboard Camera. The app lets user record 360-degree panoramas (with sound) for viewing it on cardboard VR headsets. With Google Cardboard Camera you can capture immersive family outing images in 3D and rejoice or relive them later.

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Although Dubsmash debuted at the sunset of 2014, this amusing video messaging app became a sensation in 2015. The lip-synching app witnessed more than 10 million downloads in 2015 alone. Dubsmash let users to recreate their favorite movie scenes, or lip-sync songs of their loved singer and share it with their friends and family on social media. Its indeed fun.

These are some of the interesting apps we encountered in 2015. It might be possible that you may not agree with our choice or may have come across something more exciting. Share your displeasure or favourite 2015 app in the comment section below.



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