Get ready to bid adieus to your Facebook profile picture. Facebook are now all ready to revamp one of the important part of Facebook buffs lives that is their profile pictures. The Sillicon Valley giant is testing a new feature – Profile video.  Now Facebook lets its user create a seven second loop video (gif) and set it as the Profile video instead of profile picture. Company claims with this new feature users can curate better online identities for themselves.

For now, Facebook is testing this new feature in California and United Kingdom on iOS platform only. We hope Mark Zuckerberg and his team will roll out this new feature in India in its next phase. Folks at CNET have already laid their hands on the update here is how you should proceed to make this transiting from static photos to loop videos hassle free.

Once Facebook roles out new update with video profile on Apple’s app store, iOS users will have to update Facebook app. After login-in on the app, user will have to tap on ‘more’ option on the lower-right corner to access your on profile. Now open profile page by tapping on your name. Once, profile loads properly (since internet speed is still an issue in India) tap on the profile picture to choose between these updated options – Take a New Profile Video Upload Video or Photo.

With a single tap on Take a New Profile Video, app will access camera to record a video up to seven seconds. If you have already prepared a seven second long video for your profile, you can directly upload with Upload Video option. However, if you wish to use some of your old clipping you have to use any third party app.

Once you are done with aforementioned steps, you have to choose a thumbnail from just uploaded video to set as your profile picture. While, video will be appear on your profile page, this thumbnail will appear in the newsfeed. Now, whoever, will open your profile he/she will be greeted with your profile video.




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