We have always had high expectations from anything that Google does and we had only expected the best form this years’ “made by Google” phones – Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

Well, a lot has been said and written about the later which has complete overshadowed its smaller sibling, the Pixel 2. It’s already the end of 2017, and we still don’t have a perfect Android flagship. But yes, the Pixel 2 comes quite close.

We have been using it for some time, enough to proclaim that Pixel 2 experience is way ahead of the opinion we had formulated based on whatever has been on the internet since its launch. If you are looking for the best possible Android experience, these are the ten reasons why Google Pixel 2 is a worth considering:

1. Camera is reason enough

Firstly, let us gush about Google Pixel 2 camera. Like The original Google Pixel, the biggest strength of its sequel is definitely its effortlessly flawless camera. Afterall, a good camera is what primarily justifies a flagship price in 2017, and Google’s software magic really gives Pixel 2 an upper hand.

Personally, in my opinion, this is the best camera on any smartphone you can buy this year and that should be reason enough to buy it for most people. The best part is Google is able to somehow get perfect portrait shots while using just a single camera. Not just the rear camera, but its selfie camera is equally impressive as well.

2. Regular Updates

The Pixel 2 is already running the latest Android Oreo at a time all other OEMs are working out ways to upgrade their device to Android 8.0. And that’s how it shall be when Google announces Android 9.0 next year and the Android 10.0 the year after!

Yes, you will get monthly security patches and version updates for the next three years.

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3. Front Stereo Speakers

Speakers have always been the most underrated part of smartphones. There aren’t too many good phones that will live up to expectations of audio enthusiasts, at least not unless you use a headphone.

Well, with the Pixel 2, Google is offering an enticing smartphone for Audiophiles. The latest from the house of Google boasts of dual frontal stereo speakers to ensure crisp audio directly fired at you while you are enjoying multimedia content.

With bezel’s on their way out, the front facing speakers are beyond rare and if this is something you value, the Pixel 2 has you covered.

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4. Awesome Display

Question marks have been raised on the Google Pixel 2 XL display with is screen burning, colour shift and few other issues and those questions appear to be legit. However, those concerns have a none-so-ever impact on the Google Pixel 2.

Unlike its taller sibling, Google ships it with a gorgeous 5-inch Samsung-made AMOLED panel which doesn’t have any of those issues. It is sharp, shows good color reproduction capability, and adheres to flagship brightness standards. For all those, who love punchy colors Google added a ‘Saturated’ mode under Colors option in the last update.

5. Google Assistant Integration

If you have been part of Android ecosystem than probably Google Assistant doesn’t need an introduction. But if you are coming from iOS, then meet Siri’s counterpart Google Assistant. It is arguably best virtual assistant out there and can be hailed by with simple Voice command or by simply squeezing your Pixel 2.

What we have noticed is that with the new active-edge to conveniently summon it, we have been using Google Assistant a lot more frequently, even for things like opening apps and taking selfies.

6. Performance

If performance is your area of concern, you can’t go wrong with the Pixel 2. It is well equipped to perform all the tasks you’d want it to. As per the specifications, the phones come with a Snapdragon 835 processor, Adreno 540GPU and 4GB of RAM and everything on the phone flies by.

7. Bluetooth Audio

After mocking Apple last year for missing 3.5mm jack, Google followed the suite and chucked out the trusted old Jack from its Pixel 2 phones. To compensate for the missing 3.5mm, Google is packing a bunch of latest Bluetooth codecs and adds granular Bluetooth settings control under developer options.

Google lets you choose what version of Bluetooth to run, Bluetooth Audio Codec to run, Bluetooth Audio Codec sample rate, Bluetooth Audio Channel Mode, and Bluetooth Audio LDAC Playback Codec. If you have invested heavily in our existing headphones all you have to do attach it to dongle bundled in the box and plug it into the Type-C port.

8. Compact & Sturdy

The Pixel 2 is also a great option for anyone who prefers a compact phone. The 16:9 display with beefy top and bottom bezel isn’t exactly conforming to the latest trends, but it does make pixel 2 more durable.

9. Water Resistant

Google Pixel 2 XL and Google Pixel 2 both are IP67 certified, therefore, it is water and dust proof so you don’t have to fret being caught in a sudden rain. Not just rain, but even an assured protection against day-to-day spillage makes a lasting difference.

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10. Two Years Warranty

Biggest advantage Google Pixel 2 has over all other rivals is 2 years of warranty. Google came up with this offer to counter finger raised over the Pixel 2 XL screen related issues. Still, the extended warranty is applicable to both Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

10 Reasons to buy Google Pixel 2

The bottom line is, if you are fine with a compact 5-inch display handset, the Pixel 2 will prove to be a unique and complete phone. As mentioned above, the camera is reason enough, but Pixel 2 has a lot more working in its favour.

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