Reports about smartphones exploding have become very frequent these days and every time this happens, there are multiple views about how safe smartphones in today’s times are and is there any way to prevent such accidents.

A Twitter user Saurabh Maurya in a tweet alleged that his Xiaomi phone has burnt to ashes while charging. He claims that the device was just 4 months old and if a smartphone from a brand like Xiaomi can blast this way, then how safe is smartphones these days. He has tagged Xiaomi India and claimed that we are probably holding a live bomb in our hands, which can blast anytime.

Looks like a Redmi Note 10 Pro.

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There have been various reactions to the person’s tweet, people have tagged Mi India and asked them to take a look into this matter. Some people claim that this happens when consumers go for more specs at lower prices, while some others claim that price is not a parameter for safety as Apple iPhones and Samsung flagships have also exploded in the past.

Xiaomi India has also replied to the person’s tweet. Here’s what they have said.

Hi Saurabh, we are sorry to hear this and we hope you are safe. At Xiaomi, all our devices go through multiple quality checks and we ensure the best user experience on all your devices. To investigate this further, please share the below details via DM and we will get in touch with you.

Though the user has shared an image of a burnt device as proof, we cannot guarantee the authenticity of these claims. There are no details about the exact model name which has exploded (though it looks like Redmi Note 10 pro) or if the accident caused any injury. But, we expect the matter gets resolved amicably.

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We also hope smartphone manufacturers start paying heed to the needed safety standards and Users to follow the Dos and Don’ts that help in ensuring their safety.


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