After a barrage of 48MP camera smartphones in the first half of 2019, get accustomed to hearing OEMs advertise ’64MP camera phone’ in the latter half of the year. While Realme is showcasing its 64MP Quad Camera technology tomorrow in India, Xiaomi decided to steal its thunder and show off its own 64MP camera technology and its future plans in China one day in advance.

At a media gathering, the Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi revealed a few details of its 64MP high-megapixel sensor phone. The company confirmed that it is indeed using Samsung’s 64MP ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor that was announced a few months back. The announcement was made by Bin Lin, President and co-founder, Xiaomi, in the presence of Jesuk Lee, Vice President, Head of Sensor Design for Samsung Electronics.

What So Special About 64MP GW1 Sensor?

The Samsung G1 sensor huge 1/1.7″ sensor with 1.6-micron pixels which results in more light to capture. It is based ISOCELL Plus technology which utilized pixel-to-pixel barrier structure. What it does is partial cuts down light interference which results in better color reproduction. With the advantage of pixel size, ISOCELL Plus, Samsung also uses Quad-PD (aka TetraCell Technology) which combines four cells into one to take 16MP images in low-light.

While praising the GW1 sensor and its features, Xioami also talked about its Smart ISO feature uses Dual Conversion Gains (DCG) Technology. What DCG essentially does is it uses low ISO in brightness areas and pushes up ISO in underexposed areas of a scene. This results in a better signal-to-noise ratio in low light photography.

The upcoming Redmi 64MP camera phone with GW1 sensor will be able to capture images as big as 9248×6936 pixels. In comparison to existing 48MP camera phones, it will have 38% more pixels. Apart from these, the sensor is compatible with real-time hardware-supported high dynamic range (HDR).

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Xiaomi Redmi 64MP camera phone India launch

The 64MP sensor based Redmi phone will launch in China in the next quarter. Xiaomi India has also confirmed the GW1 sensor backed by a Redmi 64MP camera smartphone will be announced in India in Q4 of 2019. Will it be the Redmi Note 8 Pro which has made some headlines recently. Well, that remains to be seen.


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