Xiaomi has officially presented its Quad Curved Waterfall Display concept on February 5. The new idea involves the extensive implementation of glass bending and laminating technology on all four sides.

The Chinese smartphone maker took to Twitter to announce this display technology, which is currently only limited to a concept phone.

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What is Quad Curved Waterfall Display Concept?

Xiaomi has built a hyper quad-curved 88° bend screen that nearly removes all bezels The front screen appears to overflow to all sides. The manufacturer stated that to achieve a hyperbolic edge for all four sides, a single piece of glass has been subjected to 800°C temperature and high pressure. Rigorous polishing has been then done many times to get the shape right.

The company told that it has registered about 46 patents in developing the display to reach an infinity-like design. This also involves eliminating ports and buttons for true unibody. For speaker and earpiece, the Chinese giant has used ultra-thin piezoelectric ceramics and flexible film screen sound technology. The device featuring Quad Curved Waterfall Display could get pressure-sensitive buttons, under-screen lenses for the camera, wireless charging, and eSIM cards.

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It will be interesting to see if Xiaomi has any plan to roll out this new display concept in a commercial device. If so, the company has still to cross many milestones before we get to a feasible and durable end product.


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