Xiaomi Mi Max 2 is the fourth smartphone Xiaomi has launched in India this year. Just like the Redmi series, Mi max 2 banks on its looks, big display, and huge battery.

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Xiaomi has packed all these features into an all-metallic frame giving Mi Max 2 a premium look. But you have to be extra-cautious if you are using your new Xiaomi Mi Max 2 device without any protective gear. Because that premium sheen is likely to wear off sooner or later.

Here are some Mi Max 2 Back Covers and Cases that you can consider.

Hybrid Case Cover by BRK

This military style hybrid-case cover by BRK is rock solid and will protect your Xiaomi Mi Max 2 from accidental slip-ups. The case cover is for users who are prone to accidental phone drops. The cover also acts as a phone stand that can be easily attached or detached from your phone according to your need. Lastly, the ribbed design of the cover gives you a better grip on your phone.

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Flip Cover by FabuCare

This especially made flip cover for your Xiaomi Mi Max 2 lets you see notifications on your phone without flipping the cover open. The cover by Fabucare has a transparent window on the screen that allows us to peep into the screen. Another advantage of this cover is that it adds an extra layer of protection on your phone’s screen.

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Transparent Back Cover by Tripoc

Don’t like funky covers or designs? You can consider this transparent case cover for your Xiaomi Mi Max 2 by Tripoc. The case helps the phone to maintain its original looks while playing an active role in protecting it. Since it’s made of flexible TPU material, it manages to offer some sort of shock resistance to your device.

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Printed case cover by iSweven

This light weight, smooth finish and durable case cover by iSweven will protect the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 from smudges and scratches.  It has a salient point design with water resistant, anti-fingerprint, dust proof and easy to clean features. The non-slip factor of this cover provides you a better hold of phone, plus the design of the cover complements the phone.

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Back Cover by FabuCare

The back cover is a light weight cover by Fabucare for your Xiaomi Mi Max 2. The cover will help you to protect your phone from all the bumps, damages and accidental drops. The integrated design safely cradles your phone, giving it added protection while complementing its look.

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Transparent case panel by Gravity

If you don’t want a flexible cover, consider this transparent case panel for Xiaomi Mi Max 2 phone. The serene case by Gravity is non-flexible and adjusts well to your device. The solidity of the cover gives your phone an all-around protection. Apart from this, the shell is crystal clear allowing you to flaunt phone’s premium look.

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Tempered Glass Screen Protectors For Mi Max 2

Now that was the list of the back covers that shall protect your phone from damage, but your phone’s screen also needs a guard. They are very sensitive and is prone to scratches and dirt.

So, to keep Xiaomi Mi Max 2 display screen clean, safe and secure, here’s some tempered glass protectors you can choose from:

Tempered Glass Guard by Popio – Buy it from here

Tempered Glass Guard by Fabucare – Buy it from here

Tempered Glass Guard by Tripoc – Buy it from here


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