The next up phone from Xiaomi may come up with an OLED display. Chinese smartphone maker, Xiaomi, and the South Korean smartphone giant, Samsung, have entered into an agreement where the latter will supply Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) screens to the former.
According to the signed agreement, Samsung agrees to provide Xiaomi with 6.01inch rigid OLED panels from December onward. The company will ship 1 million units for the first month, followed by another 2.2 million units in the following month.

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The agreement with Xiaomi is not something new, Samsung has also bonded with Apple to supply OLED screens for the new generation of iPhone. Samsung Display is the largest manufacturer of OLED panels and Samsung uses them extensively on their latest smartphones.

OLED displays which are currently available in LG and Samsung devices, boast richer colors, darker blacks, and a faster refresh rates and lower power consumption than the liquid crystal display (LCD) screens. OLED displays are also thinner and flexible, allowing for new hardware designs.

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Since Xiaomi won’t be able to get its hands on OLED displays before December, this could only mean that you have to wait for next year to see Xiaomi’s new phone with an OLED display.


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