Many popular Smartphone OEMs are trying to foray in the Smart TV space and here, too, Xiaomi maintains a dominant position, thanks to its array of affordable Smart TVs that are available both online and at offline stores.

According to IDC report, Xiaomi Smart TVs accounted for 32% of sales in Q4 2019. Samsung and LG were both tied up at 14%, followed by Sony at 11%.

The data refers to the number of TVs sold and not total revenue or PAT coming from these sales (which should be higher for other TV brands since they have significantly wider margin).

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Why a significant market share in Smart TV segment is important

Smart homes are increasingly becoming popular in the country and our Smart TVs are likely to evolve as hubs that bring together myriad smart devices scattered through our homes. The home automation ecosystem is highly fragmented as of today, but to dominate in terms of market share will undoubtedly prove to be a massive advantage moving forward. At the very least, this should ensure that IoT equipment makers and service providers don’t overlook compatibility with Xiaomi’s ecosystem.

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Apart from Xiaomi, OnePlus is another new smartphone vendor trying to make inroads in the TV segment. Realme, Tecno, and Infinix are also expected to launch their respective Smart TVs in India very soon.


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