The latest Xiaomi BUZZZZ is a portable Mi Mosquito Repellent that measures just 46.8mm x 20.5mm and is powered by a MicroUSB port. Further adding to its portability is its light weight (25 Grams) and the fact that all you need to fire it is a power bank.

According to Xiaomi, a 10,000mAh power bank can power it for up to 15.7 hours continuously and with a 20,000mAh power bank, it can last for up to 28.2 hours. That sounds more than enough for a sound sleep.

Xiaomi-Mi-mosquito-repellent launched in China

So, how does it repel mosquitoes?

Well, it doesn’t rely on inaudible-frequency-white-noise-Mojo, but will need to burn a traditional Mosquito Mat. Just twist it 90 degrees and place the Mat on the stainless steel heating surface. The PTC Low-voltage thermostat within will take it from there.

mi mosquito blog

Apart from being portable, the new Mi Mosquito Repellent is also dust-proof and you can carry it around with you for camping trips. If you have ever suffered the onslaught of mosquitoes, you will see this as a practical innovation. How effective it proves to be when used outdoors is an entirely different matter.

For now, the Mi Mosquito Repellent will retail in China for 29 Yuan or $4 Approx.


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