PlayStation Plus vs Xbox Game Pass

The competition between PlayStation and Xbox is not a new thing to talk about. Both the gaming services try to outclass each other with their new consoles, unique game offerings along with different in-game accessories and other stuff. Both the franchise offer three different plans based on affordability and features.

At the time of comparing these video game subscriptions offered by Xbox and Playstation, we found that they compete for neck-to-neck in many perspectives.

Considering the price point, you will find that the Xbox plans are available at lower prices. However, we can’t deny the fact that the PlayStation subscriptions offer free games that are better than what we get to see in Xbox subscriptions.

To end the debate once and for all, here we have compared all three plans offered by the two franchises to see which one is better.

PS Plus Essential vs Xbox Live Gold: Base Pricing and features

The PlayStation Plus Essential is the basic plan offered by Sony. It is available for Rs 499 per month, Rs 1199 per quarter, and Rs 2,999 per year. On the other hand, the Xbox Live Gold is priced at Rs 349 per month, Rs 749 per quarter, and Rs 1999 per year.

The PS Plus Essential offers two games PS4 titles and one PS5 title in the beginning. Xbox Live Gold provides titles of Xbox One and Xbox 360. Both the subscriptions also allow the user to get a 10% discount on the PlayStation and Xbox digital sales.

PS Plus essential outclasses the Xbox Live Gold when it comes to giving bonus exclusive content related to the titles. Gamers need to get an Xbox Game Pass additionally for the exclusive content.

Microsoft has an upper hand in providing cloud storage as it offers it to the people who don’t even subscribe. On the other hand, Sony provides cloud storage only with a subscription. Moreover, there is an upper limit of 100GB with Sony’s cloud storage. Contrarily, Xbox has dedicated cloud storage for different games.

PlayStation Plus vs Xbox Game Pass: Mid-tier pricing and features

The PS Plus Extra is available in India for Rs 749 per month, Rs 1999 per quarter, and Rs 4999 per year. The Xbox Game Pass is priced at Rs 349 per month, Rs 1049 per quarter, and Rs 2,099 on a half-yearly basis.

The PlayStation Plus Extra subscription offers 300 PS4 and PS5 titles including some of the most famous ones like Returnal, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Control, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Xbox game pass comes with more than 400 titles of Xbox games, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S and Series X. In addition, the Xbox Game Pass also gives access to day-one releases which is missing in the case of PS Plus.

However, one thing where Xbox fails to outperform PlayStation Plus is the availability of online games. So, if online gaming is a priority for you, then go for the PlayStation Plus extra subscription instead of Game Pass.

PlayStation Plus vs Xbox Game Pass: Premium tier pricing and features

The PlayStation Premium can be purchased in India for Rs 849 per month, Rs 2299 per quarter, and Rs 5749 per year. While the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is available for Rs 499 a month, Rs 1499 a quarter, Rs 2999 a half year, Rs 5999 a year, and Rs 11,999 for two years.

In simple terms, if you are someone who wants to stream the games over the cloud then the premium tier subscriptions of both brands come into play. The PS Premium comes with access to the PS3 games that are only available via cloud streaming. The PS Plus Premium extends streaming support for PS5 and PC.

Talking about the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, it allows streaming on PC, Xbox, and smartphones too. However, a major disappointment here is that the cloud gaming service is not available in India. Leaving that aside, PS Plus Premium also has a classic catalogue of over 80 games from the PSP, PS1, and the PS2.

As for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, it offers benefits like access to more than 100 EA Play titles, 10-hour trials for the latest titles, and an approximately 10 percent discount on most of the game purchases.


So, after reading the above details, you would have already figured out which of the two will be a steal deal for you as per your requirements. However, talking about our honest opinion, the PlayStation Plus subscription is a clear winner here as it offers more games, online gaming, old-school titles and what not.

Though, the cost of the plans could be a turn-off for a few. If cost is something that never bothers you then why are you waiting, go grab the PlayStation subscription now.


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