🤍 White Heart Emoji in Social Media: White Heart Meaning, Significance, Usage & More

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Emojis are tiny emotive characters that are no longer just millennial fads but add an emotional depth to your otherwise plain text message. They have been a part of the mobile messaging culture since the late 90s, and in the last few years, their usage has increased even more. When you open your device’s emoji gallery, you will find a plethora of emoticons divided across various categories.

One Category is Heart emojis, which include heart emojis in various colors like red, purple, green, brown, pink, and even white. While the red heart emoji means love, there is often confusion about what the white heart emoji 🤍depicts. While the basic meaning of this white heart is love only, it can have different meanings depending on the context in which it is used.

If you have received a message with a white heart emoji and cannot understand what it signifies, we are here to help you solve your doubts. Dive in to know everything about the white heart emoji 🤍.

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Meaning of White Heart Emoji

White Heart Emoji have the following meanings depending on their usage-

Deep love– Like the red heart emoji, in most cases, the white heart emoji 🤍also means deep and pious love. People use it to show their adulation for each other and make their partner feel special. Primarily, it is used to show that someone is special to you, someone is your everything, or you are super proud of someone.

Emotional support- There are times when situations in life are tough. At such crucial moments, emotional support means everything. White Heart Emoji 🤍is used to show emotional support for someone during their hard times. It is used to give them hope that bad times won’t last long.

Close Bonds- White Heart Emojis 🤍often showcase a solid and unbreakable bond between family, friends, siblings, partners, and others.

Admiration for Someone- The White color color allows you to show your admiration or idealization of someone. It can also be one-sided likeness or respect.

How & When to Use White Heart Emoji on Social Media

There are various instances when you can use this white heart emoji on your social media platforms-

  • If someone has sent you a text with a white heart emoji 🤍, you can reply to them with the same emoji to let them know that feelings are mutual.
  • You can react to someone’s stories with white heart emojis.
  • You can combine these white heart emojis with other heart emojis to show extreme affection for someone. Your message will stand out because of a flurry of colors being visible and you will get much-needed attention.
  • Instagram or Facebook stories can be posted with white heart emojis🤍. This shows the importance of pictures so you and your followers will be able to relate.

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Responding to White Heart Emojis

  • You can reply with different shaded heart emojis so that the receiver feels you have tried to message them back.
  • Replying with the same white heart emoji can also be a good gesture, as you reciprocate the other person’s feelings.
  • If you send a thank you message to someone, a white heart emoji at the end can show your gratitude even well. Avoid using white heart emojis during professional conversations.

How the White Heart Emoji Looks on Different Platforms

The White Heart Emoji 🤍appears slightly different on every other social media/ UI platform. The image below shows how it looks on Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, X, Facebook and WhatsApp.

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Shortcut to Insert White Heart Emoji

You can access this white heart emoji using the keyboard on a PC/Laptop. Just follow these steps-

On Windows

  • Press Windows+. Keys on any screen.
  • Search for the term ‘White’.
  • The White heart emoji will appear, just click on it to add it to your text.

On Mac

  • Open the space where you want to add emoji.
  • Press the Command+ Control+ Space keys to open the emoji panel.
  • Search for the term white and a white heart emoji will appear.
  • Tap on it to add it to your text.

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