WhatsApp Rolls Out HD Photo Sharing Feature

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Sharing photos on WhatsApp has become a norm since it takes just a moment to share your favourite memories or anything with your family, friends, or colleagues. However, you cannot deny that sharing photos and videos on WhatsApp comes with its caveat the biggest in quality. However, the latest feature will allow you to send high-definition (HD) photos instead.

The feature is now rolling out across the web, iOS, and Android devices and should reach you in a couple of weeks from now. WhatsApp compresses the original image before forwarding it to the recipient to save file size and bandwidth. However, the new ‘HD’ gear will bypass the WhatsApp compression mechanism and instead, send the original HD image directly to the recipient.

Spotted by WABetaInfo and part of v2.23.12.13 for Android and v23.11.0.76 for iOS, the feature started rolling out to beta testers before marking its full-fledged rollout. The HD images will fall under WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption by default which means you need not worry if a third party gets their eyes on the images exchanged.

Users will be able to send the images in either standard quality at 1600×1052 pixels xor choose its HD picture quality at 4096×2692 pixels. Of course, it also means the HD images will take more space on your device upon receiving and more data when you send it through.

Here’s how you can use the latest HD photo-sharing feature on WhatsApp.

  • First up, open WhatsApp and go to chats.
  • Tap on the ‘Attachments’ button and select ‘Photos’ or ‘Gallery’ as usual.
  • Select the photo that you wish to send.
  • On the preview screen, you should see an ‘HD’ logo on top of the screen. Tap on it.
  • You should be able to send the photo in standard quality or choose the HD option to send an uncompressed 4096×2692 pixels image to the recipient.
  • All the media exchanged on WhatsApp using standard and HD quality are covered under end-to-end encryption as usual.

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