New York City - October 6, 2015 The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is displayed at the Microsoft Windows 10 Devices Media event in New York City. Credit: Andrew White for WIRED

Microsoft is likely to renovate Windows 10 with new features and improved user interface sometime this year. The Redmond giant has already released some teasers to what it has in store for Windows 10 users.

One of the many upcoming features is what is known as ‘picture-in-picture support’, which Microsoft is rolling out to the developer’s universe within Creators Update as “Compact Overlay”. It is likely to make its way down to public release sometime in April.

All Microsoft’s pre-installed apps such as Skype, Music, Movie and others are likely to be compatible with this new feature.

Apart from this, Microsoft could introduce a ‘Dynamic look feature’ where it will automatically lock your Windows 10 powered device whenever your phone is missing from its radar.

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That’s not all, earlier in the day, Microsoft released first look of its much rumored close door Project Neon during Windows developer stream. According to reports, this time Microsoft is mainly stressing on apps and their visually blurring elements within them and use of animations in them. In this new build, Windows may give a push to Microsoft’s much talked about Holo Lens software.

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