In 2016, Vivo managed to fit in a whopping 20MP front snapper in its ‘perfect selfie’ V5. This year, the prominent Chinese smartphone maker is pushing the envelope even further with the Vivo V5 Plus that will have not one but two Selfie shooters.


The Vivo V5 Plus or the ‘biggest selfie camera revolution’ as Vivo prefers to call it, is scheduled to arrive in India on January 23, 2017. Its arrival isn’t exactly out of the blue because Vivo did mention that it’s working on bringing the Plus variant to India during the V5 launch presentation a couple of months earlier.

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This isn’t the first phone that will have dual front cameras, though. The Lenovo Vibe S1 was another slick phone that used the extra shooter on the front for depth sensing. This allowed the phone to distinguish the selfie subject from the background. The camera app also had the option to replace backdrop with famous monuments across the globe.

Not much is known about the Vivo V5 Plus specifications or selfie camera implementation just yet. But we Vivo is treading a very thing line here. At the very best, gathering more light with two instead of one front camera could solve the perennial low light problem of selfies, and at its worst, the extra sensor might turn out to be gimmicky. We will find out soon enough!


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