Usha International Ltd., a leading consumer durable company, has launched USHA NutriPress Cold Press Juicers, based on ‘next generation cold press juicing technology’ in India. Usha NutriPress will be available in 2 different variants for 20,700 INR and 27,990 INR respectively.

How is it any different from myriad juicers out there? Well, unlike high speed grinding that happens in normal centrifugal juicers, the NutirPress extracts juice at low temperature to retain their nutrient value. Apart from nutritional advantages, this also means your juices will retain natural flavor.


Usha NutriPress juicer also extracts more juice as compared to other conventional centrifugal juicers. Besides fruits, you can also juice hard vegetables, green vegetables or use it for making countless frozen desserts.

The Flagship variant comes with 3 filters for different applications and a 75 mm wide full mouth feeding tube. Both the models of USHA NutriPress Cold Press Juicer come with a free recipe book and carry a five year warranty on motor.

usha nutripress juicer 1

The company is promoting NutriPress with an aggressive, high decibel 360-degree campaign to create awareness and drive consideration around the new offering. More details can be sought from dedicated micro-site.

Both variants of Usha NutriPress will be available in India on for 20,999 INR and 27,990 INR. Availability will be extended to offline stores by 15th May, 2016.


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