LG’s mysterious smartphone, codenamed as ‘Judy’, will reportedly be unveiled this summer in June. The handset is going to be South Korean majors’ flagship smartphone to be powered by some top of the line hardware.

The information was given to us by Evan Blass of VentureBeat. The source revealed that LG’s Judy is going to be an all-new handset and it ain’t going to be called as LG G7. The leak also confirmed the specs of the phone.

Image: LG V30+

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What is MLCD+ Display? Is it better than IPS LCD?

As per the report, the LG’s Judy phone comes with a 6.01-inch display with 18:9 screen aspect ratio and HDR10 support. The handset will come with a new display technology, called the MLCD+. A kind of display that is touted to be brighter and promises low power consumption. The technology isn’t entirely new, and LG has used such displays in its LED TVs before.

The MLCD+ panel has 800 nits of brightness, which is like twice as brighter as the conventional LCD displays, and consumes 35 percent lesser battery than the normal displays. That means you could easily use your phone comfortably outside even on a bright sunny day without straining your eyes.

But all isn’t that sunny and rosy. LG’s MLCD panel uses a white subpixel next to RGB to enhance brightness. So the fundamental pixel of the display is RGBW, and LG also treats the White pixel as a separate pixel resulting in controversial resolution measurement.

Image credit: Samsung

While this is a shady technique to bump resolution that makes for a noticeable difference on TV screens while playing 4K content, it shouldn’t be much of a problem on a compact phone display.

While brightness helps to make images and media content look crisper, but the use of White pixel also has a negative impact on colors and contrast.

Perhaps, LG has improved the display tech over the years for its phones and there isn’t any reason to worry. Afterall, such concerns were also voiced for AMOLED screens that use pentile sub-pixel matrix around 5 years ago, but Samsung managed to perfect the technology over the years.

LG Judy Specification (Expected)

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Other than this, LG’s flagship phone will be powered by Snapdragon 845 under its hood, paired with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. For shutterbugs, Judy smartphone is speculated to come with two 16MP rear-end sensors both with f/1.6 aperture lens.

Additionally, it will have wireless charging support, stereo speakers, IP68 durability, voice assistant, and camera AI.

No LG G7 this year

This also reiterates the fact that LG has done away with its G-series. The firm was expected to introduce its G7, successor of last year G6, at this year’s MWC; rather, they are bringing in an updated version of its LG V30. The said phone will come with the company’s own AI assistant.

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