OPPO has a solid vision of shaping smartphone manufacturing in India, a way of making phones smarter and better. The absolutely magnificent OPPO Superfactory in Greater Noida is a sheer technological and manufacturing genius capable of churning out one smartphone every three seconds! This of course requires state of the art machines, innovative automation solutions and attentive personnel working in full swing with incredible precision and synchronization. 

Established in 2016, the factory is at the forefront of the company’s Make in India commitment and has steadily navigated the growth and success of OPPO in India. Spread over 110 acres, the OPPO factory employs over 10000 professionals who work with the best of its kind and world-class, high-tech equipment giving the brand its manufacturing edge. The factory has the capacity to churn our 6 million smartphones during its peak season. 

The entire manufacturing facility has been so diligently and carefully designed that it ensures that neither speed nor quality is compromised on. The facility is divided into four core areas- Assembly, SMT, Storage, and Supply Warehouse.  Over 37000 micro components are held up every hour on the mounting machine in the SMT area. Micro parts for 200 smartphones can be dispatched within 10 minutes. The micro components are then printed on the PCB. Each plate can hold 4 individual PCBs meant for four individual phones and a single printed circuit board assembly must be completed in 6.25 seconds. On the assembly floor, there are 52 rows and each row has 37 assembly stations and 20 test stations. More than 7000 workers can occupy the assembly space during peak production or as they say, when all hands are on board and is the heart of the OPPO Superfactory.

The brand also has immense focus on testing and processes to ensure that each device meets strict quality standards and adheres to the high precision and quality that OPPO has come to be synonymous with. To uphold the highest quality standards, the super factory is equipped with High precision 3D inspection machines (AOI), Screen color calibration equipment, camera calibration & camera verification, Finger Print calibration and testing equipment, LCD automatic testing equipment and Antenna 5G test. 

The devices are put through several other tests like the hard pressure test, where the smartphone functions are tested after a 35-kg push is applied 100 times or the variable temperature test, where smartphones are placed under extreme temperatures ranging from 50 to -50 degrees Celsius to test their functioning capabilities. The workforce is also provided with innovative work gloves to improve the efficiency of its workforce and product quality.

The Human aspect of powering technology is not only reflected in the manufacturing capability of the company but also visible through their impeccable HR standards. They work with the best engineering talent in the industry and their domain experts would testify without missing a beat, because OPPO understands that smart brands are made by equally smart people working at every level. 

Each one of workforce at the plant undergoes a rigorous training schedule to ensure that they are equipped with technical skills and troubleshooting capabilities to operate the world-class plant ensuring value creation, precision work and quality management.  This coupled with high end technology ensures a cohesive and creative work environment to produce the most loved OPPO smartphones. 

The dedication to research and development has led to the Release of the OS spearheaded by the R&D team, just a few months ago specifically for Indian smartphone users, offering a truly localized technology solution built on the DigiLocker stack of the Government of India.

To sum it up, OPPO knows that real technological advancement happens when you don’t lose touch with the human aspect and create technology that rests on the brand ethos of “Technology for mankind, kindness for the world”. Their focus on delivering products that cater to every segment and every need is what makes them one of the most loved brands of the world and a market leader thereof. 

Whether its super-fast charging innovations like SuperVOOC that have helped 157 million people worldwide to experience the benefits of superior charging technologies or the 200 patents filed by the R&D facility in Hyderabad for catering to superior imaging technology, OPPO has not left any stone unturned when it comes to powering consumers. And that’s precisely what makes it the brand that we all love and cherish. OPPO Superfactory is a true testament to the brand’s sheer dedication of making India a smartphone manufacturing hub.


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