Truecaller Assistant Debuts in India; How To Use It on Android Smartphones

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Truecaller is a popular app in India as it saves you from spammers, lets you know who’s calling, and so on. In an exciting and innovative step, Truecaller has released “Truecaller Assistant” powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) which answers calls on your behalf and filters them, relieving you from potential spam calls.

After it made its debut in the US and Australia, Truecaller Assistant made it to India on Android devices allowing users to filter calls even before they can pick them up. Available at a subscription starting INR 149/mo or INR 1,499/year, Truecaller Assistant can be set to talk in five different tones, accents, and intonations including voices of both female and male as per your preference. It is currently available in English, Hindi, and Hinglish and more languages will be added moving forward.

In a nutshell, instead of picking up all the calls you receive daily, you can select which calls you want to pick. Keeping aside the calls from known people, the Assistant will pick up calls from unknown users asking them the reason for calling. You will be able to read a live transcription of what the caller is saying as you have a glance on-screen. You can decide whether to pick up the call and continue or mark it as spam.

It is a noble and a much-needed feature today given the exorbitant spike in spammers and spam calls that are lurking for chances to steal money and data from innocent users.

How To Use a Truecaller Assistant?

Truecaller Assistant Debuts in India; How To Use It on Android Smartphones

Let’s have a look at how you can use Truecaller Assistant.

Step #1: First up, you need to have Truecaller installed on your phone. Perhaps, you already have it, right?

Step #2: Once the app itself is set up, you need to go to Truecaller Assistant to set up the voice, accent, and other Settings available as per your reference.

Step #3: Once done, the Truecaller Assistant should be ready to use.

Step #4: The next time you get a call, you will see an option letting the Assistant take the call on your behalf. You can answer it too but that defeats the purpose here unless you know the caller and they aren’t any spammer or scammer. In case you don’t answer, the call goes to the Assistant automatically who will inquire about the reason for calling among other details.

Step #5: You can read the live transcription as the call continues. You can change the greeting message that the Assistant uses to introduce you. At all times, the callers will be aware that an AI Assistant has picked up the call.

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