Switching Your Android Smartphone’s Digital Assistant: Here’s How to Switch from Google Assistant to Gemini AI; Pros and Cons

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Google is making waves in the realm of conversational AI with the introduction of Gemini, its latest AI chatbot unveiled through a dedicated Android app. Demonstrating Google’s strides in AI technology, Gemini presents conversational functionalities that could potentially transform the way we engage with our smartphones.

Currently, the Google Gemini app is officially accessible only in the US. However, users in other regions can still explore the app as Google has not restricted access from the server-end. To do so, an additional step is required to set up the app.

How to Setup Google Gemini?

To access the Google Gemini app outside the US, you’ll need to follow these steps:

1. Find a reliable third-party website such as apkmirror.com to download the Gemini Android APK file.

2. Adjust your device’s security settings to allow installations from unverified sources, if required.

3. Launch the Gemini app, tap “Get Started,” accept the terms of service, and start exploring the app’s features.

Following the setup, Gemini takes over your typical Google Assistant functions. Whether you install the Gemini app or opt-in through other means, saying “Hey Google” will no longer summon your familiar Assistant – instead, it’s all about Gemini. Similarly, using your power button or convenient gesture shortcuts on your phone will now activate Gemini’s features.

Fortunately, this temporary APK workaround will soon become unnecessary. Gemini is scheduled for a full launch on Android and iOS in the upcoming weeks, enabling direct downloads from the trusted Play Store or App Store platforms.

How to download Gemini app?

Gemini functions primarily as an AI chatbot rather than a full-fledged voice assistant like Google Assistant. As a result, some functionalities familiar to Assistant users may not be available. While Gemini can trigger Assistant for specific tasks like setting alarms, not all commands are supported.

Before you make the leap to Gemini, it’s worth considering that some cherished Google Assistant features have not yet been integrated into the new platform.

In the realm of media integration, Gemini currently doesn’t support podcasts, news stations, various radio feeds, or third-party music apps. As for automated routines, Google Assistant holds the exclusive domain. If you’re reliant on reminders, you’ll need to explore alternative management systems during your Gemini journey.

And for multilingual assistance, Interpreter Mode via Google Assistant remains your best bet. Should Gemini fall short of your expectations, fear not; a seamless transition back to Google Assistant awaits. Uninstalling the Gemini app effortlessly restores Google Assistant as your default digital companion, ensuring continuity in your digital assistance experience.

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