Wireless earphones are in trend and are thus becoming increasingly common across all price points. Toshiba, a popular consumer durable brand, recently launched a few wireless earbuds in India and of these Wireless Sports RZE-BT31E are the most affordable one.

The Toshiba Wireless Sports RZE-BT31E are available for just Rs. 1,199 (approx US $16) on Amazon, and that’s about the least you could expect to pay for wireless earphones. So, are these good entry-grade earphones to get started? Let’s discuss.

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Toshiba Wireless Sports RZE-BT31E: Design and Built

Considering the price tag, the design turned out quite comfortable and stylish. However, the connecting cable felt a tad too long. These earphones are lightweight and fit well (have wings to firmly keep them in place) and, as the name states, are apt for wearing during a workout session. The cushions on the earbuds are of decent quality. Toshiba has also bundled an extra pair of buds if you wish to try out a different size.

Moving to the specifics, this one weighs around 49.9 grams. Our review unit feels pretty solid, but if you face any issue with the build quality or hardware, then you may avail the 1-Year Warranty Toshiba offers to all consumers.

Out of the box, you also get a tiny USB charging cable, User manual and the aforementioned earpieces.

Toshiba Wireless Sports RZE-BT31E: Sound Experience

The device has native Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity and also supports stereo music and phone calls. The phone calls were crisp and clear. Nevertheless, the bass output felt little flimsy, which is fine considering the price. Moreover, you get easy access controls to tap and toggle playback and calls.

As per the manual and on-box specifications, you could connect 2 Bluetooth devices. Ugh! when we tried the same, we could use only one device at a time.

The box mentions a Bluetooth coverage up to 8m and you get the same. So, there’s nothing outlandish here. And while it’s disconnected, the odd buzz it makes could be bothersome for some.

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Toshiba Wireless Sports RZE-BT31E: Battery Life

Toshiba has packed a 55mAh rechargeable battery. The company claims to offer talk time of approx 4 hours at 50% volume level and a playback time of approx 4 hours.

However, our major peeve point is with its battery life. The earphones take around 90 minutes to juice up and discharge quicky. Our unit lasted for 2.3 to 3.5 hours on a single charge, which is good enough for casual usage, but not so for heavy users.

Toshiba Wireless Sports RZE-BT31E Review: Verdict

Above all, the Toshiba Wireless Sports RZE-BT31E are very reasonably priced wireless earbuds. These are obviously not meant for audiophiles and are a basic set meant for anyone looking to get rid of wire-inconvenience without paying much.

So, to sum up, they could be worn for their decent audio experience while commuting to your workspace or even during a workout session (they aren’t water resistant, though). However, don’t expect long battery life out of them.


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