The Vivo V5s is a mid-range smartphone that looks premium in spite of a polycarbonate body. The phone is targeted to selfie-lovers and is equipped with a 20-megapixel sensor on the front.

The faux-metal finish, however, isn’t impervious to scratches and scuff marks and  it’s always wise to protect your investment with an appropriate case.

Without further ado let’s look at some of the best case covers and panels that will not only protect your precious V5s but, also enhance the phone’s looks.

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Transparent Cover by Bounceback

This transparent bumper case cover by Bounceback for your Vivo V5s will protect your phone without changing its looks. The cover is made of soft material but the tough corners and protruding side edges will ensure total protection.

Also, the cover is good for the those who don’t wish to apply any display protector. On the downside, it will add some substantial heft to your phone.

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Hard Case Cover by Johra

Next, we have a hard cover for your Vivo V5s from Johra. The cover protects all the four corners of your phone, and has a pleasant rubber feel to it. The robust material with a soft micro fiber coating on the inner lining provides is expected to give the right amount of cushioning to your phone without adding much weight.

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Body Case Cover by Johra

This cover is a full-body cover by Johra for your Vivo V5s smartphone. The cover smartly covers all vulnerable and visible parts of the phone giving it an all-round protection. The phone adds an extra protection to the phone’s screen which means that in case of inadvertent falls, your phone’s display won’t directly be in harm’s way.

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Designer Case Cover by BuyFab

Want a fancy case cover for your Vivo V5s device? Perhaps you could consider this one. The cover by Buy Fab protects your phone in style. The case is light weight and guarantees to protect it from all corners.

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Back Cover by Mozette

This back cover by Mozette for your Vivo V5s is ultra-thin and shock-resistant. The ultra-thin design flexible cover is reliable and can protect your phone from minor scratches, bumps, and shocks. The finishing feels smooth in hands and it also has an anti-grip feature.

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Leather Flip Cover by DMG

This flip cover is a wallet-cum flip cover for your Vivo V5s by DMG. The cover has the dedicated slots to store both your plastic and paper currency. Apart from this, the flip cover covers both phone’s body and screen. The extra flip over phone adds an extra layer of protection to your V5s screen and the leather outside gives you an excellent hold of the phone.

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Grid Case Cover by DMG

This is a soft flexible dotted grid design case made for Vivo V5s by DMG. The back case provides an instant all-around protection from scratches, dents, and minor accidents. Plus the cover is made using TPU material which means that the cover will be dust and stain resistant.

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Transparent Hard cover by SmartBuy

If you are the one who don’t want to hide the aesthetics of your Vivo V5s with colored cases, consider this option. This transparent case cover by Smartbuy is exclusively made for Vivo V5s to give it an all-round protection. The TPU material used in this cover keeps the phone safe from falls, bumps and wears and tear.

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Hybrid Case Cover Designerz Hub

If you are a rough user of your phone then opt for this cover. This armored style hybrid case cover by Designerz Hub perfectly protects your Vivo V5s. Despite its heavy look, the cover is lightweight and easy to handle. The cover can also be used as a phone stand – an excellent feature for watching movies or videos on phone, that can be detached when not in need.

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Tempered Glasses

And as for the display, you could consider one of these good quality tempered glass protectors:

Tempered glass by DMG – Buy it from here

Tempered glass by SmartLike – Buy it from here

Tempered glass by Trico – Buy it from here


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