Two Chinese MNCs – Tencent and Huawei – have joined hands to develop a cloud-based gaming platform. The evolution of internet services has popularized cloud-based gaming in youths, leading the firms to set up an innovation laboratory in collaboration.

Players like NVidia’s GeForce Now, PlayStation Now, Google Stadia and Microsoft’s XCloud are already the big names in the cloud gaming space. The announcement of Tencent-Huawei collaboration surely has the potential to match-up the existing competition in the segment. We insist to remind you that Tencent Holdings own the Riot Games (League of Legends developers) and a major stake in Epic Games (Fortnite developers), and is the world’s biggest gaming company.

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Fortnite Game

As per the reports flowing in, Tencent’s cloud game platform called GameMatrix will now be processed on Huawei’s Kunpeng server and the joint venture will be exploring new things in the domain of artificial intelligence and augmented reality in games. Back in December 2019, Tencent had started beta testing of the game ‘Fortnite’ on its platform.


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