Apple Vision Pro Headset: 11 Game-Changing Features Set to Revolutionize Spatial Computing

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Apple recently showcased its much anticipated spatial computing headset at the WWDC 2023 on June 5. The Apple Vision Pro Mixed Reality Headset has announced a new category called spatial computing, which will represent a radical shift in the way we interact with technology. It is a device that combines augmented reality and mixed reality so you don’t have to block out the real world like it happened with other VR Headsets.

The Vision Pro will cost 3499 USD and is anticipated to launch in early 2024 in the US Market with more countries getting it later in 2024. Before the headset comes to India next year, let us have a look at some of its features that make the Reality Vision Pro irreplaceable by other options that are already available in the market.

1. Spatial Computer

Apple is calling this headset revolutionary as it is a spatial computer that blends digital content with the physical world while allowing users to stay in the present and connect to others. There is a 3-dimensional user interface controlled naturally and intuitively- by the user’s eyes, hands, and voice. It is not an isolating experience so users can interact with others in the room while using the device.

2. Expanding environment

With this headset, the user can transform the space into beautiful environments that extend beyond the dimensions of your room. The movie can be watched on the big screen regardless of where you are. Multiple cameras track your environment and illuminate your room in the dark.

3. Vision OS

Vision OS is Apple’s 1st ever-spatial operating system. It comes with exceptional features like the ability to navigate with your eyes, tap on a surface to select, flick in the air to scroll, and more. Voice commands can also be used.  The applications installed in this OS have dimensions and react to light. These also cast shadows giving a 3D effect.

4. In-Built 3D Cam

The Vision Pro Headset comes with Apple’s 1st ever 3D camera. This camera can be used to click photos and record videos with remarkable depth using the headset. As a result, your living room becomes a live gallery and panoramas wrap around you from all sides. The apps feel close to you and the visuals fill the entire space spectacularly.

5. Workspace as well as Gameplay experience

The Vision Pro VR Headset allows the user to create an ideal workspace as the internet comes to life. The texts are simple and easy to read. Safari browser makes surfing of web seamless and you can arrange preferred Apple apps the way you want to. Gameplay has also been given an immersive feel. All you have to do is plug in your PlayStation 5 controller and you can play your favorite games on the big screen with the best audio quality.

6. Cinematic Experience

The Vision Pro Headset aims to bring cinema to your home. When playing a movie, it automatically darkens the surroundings and creates a glow that is seen in theatres. The screen can be made as large as you want (up to 100 feet wide) and the facial audio surrounds you so at some point the user might feel as if he is a part of the movie.

7. FaceTime App

FaceTime App is made even better on Reality Vision Pro. People are life-sized and spatial audio makes you feel as if you are with them. Conversations feel natural and collaborating becomes better.

8. Compact design

Despite all the latest technology infused into it, the Reality Vision Pro Headset is compact and elegant in design. The cameras and sensors have a 3D laminated glass and the headset has a lightweight aluminum alloy frame that curves to wrap around the face. The headband is 3D knitted so breathing is convenient, and it is cushioned for comfortable wear. The battery is also powerful despite the headset being lightweight.

There are 5 sensors, 12 cameras, a display for each eye, and a computer cooled with a fan. It will be plugged into a power source in a clear effort to preserve a sleek design. There will be a cord-attached battery pack that can be slid into your pocket and works for 2 hours at a stretch.

9. Micro OLED display

The micro OLED display packs 23 million pixels in two panels while fitting 64 pixels into the same area as one iPhone pixel. It comes with good clarity, color, and HDR and claims to be better than a 4K TV.

10. Spatial Audio System

The Reality Vision Pro Headset has the most advanced spatial audio setup. Personalized sound can be delivered to your ears and the audio ray tracing detects materials and objects in the room. Sound will feel as if coming from all around you.

11. M2 & R1 Chipsets

The Vision Pro is powered by a new R1 chip that allows sensor data at a phenomenally fast rate and eliminates lag. It compliments the M2 chip and together in tandem, these two aim to give a fast and efficient performance.

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